Mathematics department faculty are enthusiastic about engaging students in classroom and beyond. The department supports and conducts several activities that provide students opportunities to expand their math passion, knowledge, critical thinking skills, and curiosity. Students are encouraged to get involved in these activities.

Math Circle 

Through Math Circle, we hope to introduce the beauty and breadth of mathematics by presenting a variety of topics to students in a fun and discovery oriented format. Rather that focusing on note memorization and procedures, we will focus on creativity, discovery, communal learning and open ended thinking.

  • We meet regularly at MSUB campus. Parents and teachers are welcome to participate.
  • Work collaboratively with other students to devise your own solutions to the problems, and pose your own questions!
  • Explore the depth and variety of Mathematics, not as a penetrable tome of arcana to be memorize and obeyed, but as a human endeavor of wonder and discover, and as a part of Humanities cultural heritage!

For more information, contact Dr. Tien Chih at 406-657-2936 or

Math Club 

Are you interested in organizing and getting involved in mathematical social and intellectual activities? The main goals of Math Club are to

  • promote the appreciation of mathematics among both faculty and students,
  • provide students and faculty an opportunity to socialize, and
  • encourage students to explore new developments and careers in mathematics and related fields.

Depending on interests of the students involved, some of the possible activities include:

  • social activities: meeting, math movies, discussion of puzzles and problems
  • tutoring at high school and college
  • having organizing various university and state-wide mathematical contests
  • organizing field trips for students
  • inviting speakers and panelists to help students understand math-related job and graduate school application processes.

For more information, contact Dr. Saroj Aryal at 406-657-2924 or

Problem of the Week 

Every week a new, interesting and fun problem to solve and win a cash price!

Mathematics Department posts new problems every week interesting problems on its bulletin board. The student(s) with highest number of correct submissions over the semester will be awarded a cash prize at the end of the semester. Anyone is eligible to participate. Problems will be understandable solvable without take upper level mathematics courses.

  • Students may participate in as many weekly contests as they desire.
  • Students may solve problems in any group of size $n\geq 1$.
  • Students may use books or other written references, with citation.

Everyone who submits a clear, correct, and complete solution by the deadline will be announced the winner. Incomplete solutions are also welcome. In case no complete and correct solution is received, the best solution will be announced the winner.

Have fun, and good luck!