Fire Science

Associate of Science Degree

Suggested Plan of Study

Associate of Science Degree Program of Study in Fire Science

Required Courses Credits

General Education Requirements
Students should consult with an academic advisor before registering for General Education courses. Students must take M 143, WRIT 220, and ECNS 201 if they wish to continue into the BSBA General Business Program in the College of Business.

Required Technical Courses Credits
ECP 294 Workshop: Conflict Resolution 3
FIRE 105 Fire Apparatus, Equipment and Hydraulics 3
FIRE 115 Fire Fighter I Essentials 3
FIRE 130 Fire Service Management and Law 3
FIRE 172 Wildlands Standards for Survival 3
FIRE 180 Incident Command 3
FIRE 214 Inspection Codes and Practice 3
FIRE 255 Cause and Origin 2
FIRE 275 Fire Service Instructor 3
TRID 160 Hazardous Materials Technician General Training 3
Total minimum credits required for degree 60

It is highly recommended that all students take Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training before graduation. The training is available from Big Sky EMS and takes approximately five months. For more information call 670-5021.


First Semester Credits
FIRE 115 3
FIRE 130 3
Gen Ed Courses 9
Total 15
Second Semester Credits
FIRE 275 3
FIRE 172 3
Gen Ed Courses 7


Third Semester Credits
FIRE 255 2
ECP 294 3
FIRE 214 3
Gen Ed Courses 9
Total 17
Fourth Semester Credits
FIRE 105 3
TRID 160 3
FIRE 180 3
Gen Ed Courses 9
Total 15


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NOTE: This is a general program overview. For specific graduation requirements, please refer to the City College at MSU Billings catalog and visit with an academic or faculty advisor.