Filling out the Disembarkation/Embarkation card

The follow describes the procedure used during the past student trips to Japan (2009) and may have changed. But we won't find that out until we are in the air. If the process has not changed, a card will be given to you on the airplane and looks somewhat like this:

First of all, “embarkation” refers to the act of boarding a vessel or airplane; “disembarkation” is the act of getting off the vessel or airplane at your destination.

Part (1), the “Disembarkation Card for Foreigner” will be retained by the immigration officials when you enter Japan. They will stamp your passport and staple part 2 – the “Embarkation Card for Foreigner” – to the page in your passport that has the stamp. When you leave Japan, the immigration officials will place an exit stamp on your passport and remove part 2, the “Embarkation Card for Foreigner.”

Understanding the above makes filling out the form easier.

On the Disembarkation Card, most is self explanatory, but make sure you put the following in the respective boxes:

Your nationality is: USA

Address in Japan: Asia Center Hotel of Japan, Tokyo (It causes confusion to put multiple addresses, but it is worse to leave it blank. I will leave an itinerary with our contact at the Asia Center.)

Intended Length of Stay in Japan: 27 days

The Flight Number will be SQ11 (double check this against your boarding pass and airline itinerary since it may have changed).

Port of Embarkation: LAX (or Los Angeles)

Purpose of Visit: Sightseeing.

On the Embarkation Card, the following is what they are seeking:

The Flight Number will be SQ12 (again, double check your itinerary).

Port of Disembarkation: LAX