Printing Services will only be accepting printing orders for Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead, and Specialty jobs. Pricing is located on the Print Requisition.

»»  Printing Services Requisition Form (use this form for Envelopes, Letterhead and Specialty Jobs)

»» Business Card Order Form (Use this form for Business Cards Only)


Departments may use the many Color Copiers placed around campus to print Flyers, Cardstock, etc. at a more discounted rate. 

Cost per Click on your local copier (includes regular stock white paper, toner, maintenance, etc.)

  Color Black & White  
Single Sided $.15/Page  $.05/Page  
Double Sided $.25/Page  $.08/Page  



 Compared to the Print Shop prices.... 

  Color Black & White
Single Sided $.25/page $.05/page
Double Sided $.50/page $.10/page
Labor Charge $20/hr ($5 Min) $20/hr ($5 Min)



  • Regular white stock is included per click for all Konica Minolta Copier
  • Specialty paper will be charged at the difference of the cost of regular white stock. 
  • Departments must purchase paper & supplies for any other machines within their area. 




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