According to State law, all State of Montana moneys must be deposited DAILY (less often in certain cases) with the State Treasury. Written permission from the Department of Administration must be on file for any cash held outside the State Treasury. These accounts are called Non-Treasury Cash Accounts (NTCA's). Amounts held in NTCA's will be kept to a minimum because of potential loss of control and loss of investment earnings.

Any department or individual holding State moneys without prior written approval is in violation of State law.

To the extent possible, all collections for Montana State University - Billings must occur at the Cashier in the Business Office, McMullen Hall. When moneys are collected outside of the Business Office, care must be taken to follow State law and policy, as generally outlined in the Collection and Deposit Policy and Procedures (contact the Business Office for copies, if needed).

Any cash funds at MSU Billings are for making change and receiving collections only.  EXPENDITURES FROM THESE FUNDS ARE PROHIBITED.

Cash accounts should be reconciled each day that the account is in use, prior to the end of that day. Any material differences should be reported immediately to the Security Office and to the Business Office.

Collections may not be used to increase or create a cash account. These must be approved in writing and a check must be issued from the State Treasury.