aaron schultz



I am a word nerd and first-generation college student. I have an A.A. in Liberal Arts, B.A. in English from UM Missoula, and M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition from Oregon State University. Since 2012, I have taught reading, writing, and information literacy. My academic focuses are empathy, mental health's imacts on learning, learning differences and disability, learning environments, rhetoric, and media literacy. I have lived in seven different states and the District of Columbia.


amanda stene


Amanda WRIT-UC

I am finishing up my elementary education degree and will graduate this spring. When I first started working at the ASC, I was a math and writing tutor, however, I have dropped tutoring math to focus on writing. I love the outdoors and being a cheerleader at MSUB!


autumn mcsweyn


WC Email Service

I earned my B.S. in Health and Human Performance in 2015 at the University of Montana in Missoula. From there, I worked at a veterinary clinic, which fostered my love of animals, but over time, I knew working with humans was what I wanted to do. I ended up going back to school and just earned my M.S. in Psychology from MSUB in May, 2021. I enjoy working with students and watching them succeed in their classes as well as their lives. I have two crazy cats named Alvin and Theodore. 

benjamin gonzales


Benjamin WRIT-ON

Doctor of philosophy with a focus on theology. Practiced as a clinical therapist. I am driven by students who are learning and trying to achieve excellence.
brittney arnold


Brittney WRIT-CC

I am a Health Administration graduate and planning on furthering my education. I was born and raised in Montana and am happy to raise my family here! I fish and travel as much as possible to relax and unwind.

emma power



I am a psychology major (although I used to be an English major.) My favorite book is "Anxious People" by Fredrik Backman. I love writing as a means of communication and expression, but I love tutoring writing because I want to make sure all the students I meet have the tools to succeed in college.

flor vega


Graduate Writing Assistant

Hi, there! My name is Flor Vega, and I'm a graduate student from Peru. I have a bachelor's in Communication Sciences, and this is my first year in the Public Relations master's program. I'm very talkative and friendly. I'm a co-founder and president of a non-profit organization based in Peru that helps high schoolers decide on the best college program. Regarding writing, it has helped me communicate better since I was a child. I look to close any communication gap, and writing (communicating effectively in general) can contribute to that cause. 

justin hanes


Justin WRIT-UC

I am majoring in both criminal justice and sociology, with the goal of obtaining a profession in local law enforcement. I really enjoy watching football with friends and family. The main reason I became a writing consultant is to meet new people and help them any way I can.

kaitlin mason


Kaitlin WRIT-UC

I am majoring in HHP, teaching option with a minor in coaching. My goal is to teach health and physical education at the high school level. I moved here from Alaska. 

michelle jones


Michelle WRIT-UC/ON

I am a literature major with a focus in writing. I would like to teach college writing and continue working with students through the Academic Support Center. My passion is helping students succeed. I love to crochet. 

olivia vacca


Olivia WRIT-UC

I'm a recent MSUB graduate with a major in history and minor in music. Over the years, I have been involved in the Rimrock Opera Company and have taught dance and creative arts classes and workshops locally and in California. I also love writing and do various freelance creative writing or journalism jobs on the side. I enjoy helping others find the means and confidence to express their ideas and thoughts in meaningful and understandable ways. Sometimes, all that stands in the way is a comma here and a clause there, which hopefully I can help with. 

picture of rachel robertson


WC Email Service

I’m a recent transplant to Billings, MT. Originally from the beautiful Pacific Northwest and Washington State, my wife and I moved to Billings late June 2020. In my free time, I work as a freelance book editor for various publishing companies across the US, enjoy taking my dog for walks around the neighborhood and frequent the local City Brews around town. I also love nature, reading, and singing.

tara barthel


Tara Embedded Tutor at City College

My name is Tara Barthel. I am a Lawyer, Mediator, Author, Teacher, and Homemaker. I love Golden Retrievers. I enjoy helping others with writing and communication because it is a joy to help people express their thoughts and accomplish their goals.