Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a form of course-embedded, peer-led tutoring. There are multiple SI programs across the globe, and all are modeled from the International Supplemental Instruction Center at the University of Missouri- Kansas City. SI targets historically difficult courses with high DFWI rates. Students who consistently attend SI sessions typically perform better than their peers that do not utilize the service.

SI sessions are free and offered on a walk-in basis to all students in a class assigned an SI Leader. In sessions, you will be encouraged to think critically, work with other students in the class, and reinforce concepts learned in lecture. SI sessions are a great resource to work on study strategies and figure out how to learn material instead of strictly focusing on what material you need to know. You will find the sessions are a low-stakes, relaxed environment structured to make all students feel comfortable and welcome.

If you are a faculty member interested in having an SI Leader support your class, please email the Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, Katy Williams.