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Library Instruction Request Form

The MSU-Billings Library provides high-powered, high-quality orientation sessions for all levels of MSUB courses. A member of our Instruction Team will tailor a session to fit the specific needs of you and your students. In order for library staff to adequately prepare an instruction session please make your instruction request at least one week in advance of when you would like the session to take place.


After some trial and error, we have discovered that the way a virtual library instruction works the best is for the librarian leading the session to send the instructor a WebEx meeting link and have the instructor forward that link to their students.  The students can then join the meeting at the designated time from their laptop, tablet, phone, etc.  Each person joining individually allows the session to be as interactive as possible.  Information about using WebEx can be found  here  Please note that students should NOT be sitting in the classroom together.  When more than one person joins the WebEx within 30 feet of another person joining the same WebEx it generates a feedback echo that makes hearing the session impossible.


Unfortunately, not all classrooms on campus are created equal and technology limitations make a session in your classroom very challenging.  A successful library instruction session in your classroom takes additional work on your end.  The room will need a web cam, a microphone, and speakers loud enough to reach everyone in the room at a minimum.  Most classrooms do not have this.  If you do not know if your classroom contains these features, please contact the IT department at 257-5700 for assistance.  If your room does have the necessary technology, a conversation with the librarian conducting the instruction session to determine additional logistics can then take place.  Be aware that even with the needed technology in place the session will be less interactive than you may anticipate.


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