Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Student Affairs Strategic Initiatives 2010-2015
Comprehensive Urban University

Access and Affordability

Create and implement initiatives to increase access and affordability for students from both an urban and rural environment.

  1. Provide high quality and timely service to meet the needs of all students and the local community
  2. Build and strengthen partnerships that assist in funding students’ education.
  3. Participate in institutional initiatives aimed at increasing grant funding.
  4. Educate current and prospective students about financial aid processes and scholarships.

Recruitment and Retention

Create, implement and sustain recruitment and retention efforts by delivering quality services, retention initiatives, establishing and meeting enrollment goals, and collaborating with other divisions, faculty, students, local community, and alumni. 

  1. Implement assessment strategies to better identify characteristics of our urban and rural student body.
  2. Create and implement strategies to achieve annual enrollment recruitment and retention goals with a continued emphasis on local, underrepresented, and adult students.
  3. Share information across campus regarding current retention and recruitment efforts.
  4. Analyze and expand first-year experience programs to address academic and transitional assistance and minority student needs.
  5. Create an on-line orientation and an FYE/Service Learning course/module that best supports student success and service learning.


Improve and personalize the quality service we provide to all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members through integrated and innovative student services.

  1. Participate in continuous scholarship, research and development.
  2. Deliver seamless services to all students through various efforts related to one-stop-shop and A.C.T.S. philosophies.
  3. Use appropriate evaluation methods to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  4. Help create, implement and provide support to all new programs and urban initiatives. Enhance collaborative relationships among academic affairs, administration, community members, and student affairs to facilitate greater student satisfaction.

Student Learning

Enhance the learning experience and academic success of all students.

  1. Focusing on an urban campus concept, develop new and enhance existing student learning initiatives that focus on retention, student-faculty and student-community engagement, living and learning concepts, developmental education, academic achievement, and first year experiences.
  2. Create and sustain programs and outreach initiatives that focus on cooperative education and civic and community engagement.
  3. Maintain a Student Affairs Assessment Plan that identifies and measures learning outcomes of programs and services.

Campus Life and Student Development

Support student development by promoting an active, engaging and comprehensive campus life with a clear focus on a diverse population.

  1. Expand and develop auxiliary enterprises and conference business to foster the growth of student programs, services and campus life.
  2. Focus on housing accommodations that may best benefit a growing adult learner market.
  3. Implement long-range auxiliary and athletic facilities plans as designed by external consultant and MSUB.
  4. Continue to review activities and programs aimed at creating an active student life for all students.
  5. Focus on developing new student life strategies to address the needs of the commuter student population.


Recruit and retain a diverse student population by creating a campus culture that is inclusive and focused on service and academic excellence.

  1. Implement educational programs to develop global consciousness and cultural competence among our students, staff, faculty and community.
  2. Create, implement and sustain retention strategies aimed at an increasing diverse student population.
  3. Promote global engagement.

 Professional Development and Organizational Infrastructure

Promote an institutional culture that fosters urban collaboration and mutual respect by implementing staff development and educational opportunities.

  1. Develop professional training opportunities for all Student Affairs employees and community members.
  2. Participate actively in local, regional and national conferences and organizations.
  3. Participate in Faculty training programs when requested.
  4. Serve on various committees that have an urban/regional membership.
  5. In order to better promote an urban campus, collaborate with academic affairs to provide opportunities for educational advancement.

 Develop an appropriately staffed and competent organizational structure to meet growing demands and new trends for an urban campus.


MSUB new students enjoying orientation