May 7, 2019


Model United Nations summit

Model United Nations summit comes to MSU Billings 



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS — Diplomacy and international relations were front and center when Montana State University Billings hosted the Model United Nations summit on Monday, May 6. 

The fourth annual event brought 150 high school students from Billings, Laurel, Park City, Lewistown, and Sheridan, Wyo. to campus to participate in mock UN General Assembly and Security Council conferences. Chancellor Edelman welcomed the students at 9 a.m. followed by a keynote address by Jason Adkins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science at MSUB. 

The topics for this year’s event were: General Assembly: How should the UN react, if at all, to the increase of asylum seekers and refugees from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, and from Central America and Mexico to the United States and Canada?

Security Council: What can or should the UN do to prevent Venezuela from descending into political and economic chaos, and possible civil war?

Adkins and Paul Foster, Ph.D., chaired the committee sessions. Paul Pope, Ph.D. assisted and provided valuable guidance on the running of the meetings.

“This is an important opportunity for MSUB to host such an event that gives students from Montana and Wyoming the opportunity to unite and discuss issues of global concern and seek policy resolutions to those issues,” said Foster.

In addition to engaging in debate and drafting resolutions, high school students visiting MSUB toured the campus with New Student Services and enjoyed lunch in Rimrock Cafe.

For more information contact Paul Foster, Ph.D. at 247-5785 or paul.foster4@msubillings.