July 23, 2019


Radiology student scanning a patient

City College hosts ultrasound seminar for PA students 

Thirty-six RMC students to attend seminars July 24 and 25



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS — Instructors from City College at Montana State University Billings will teach 36 Rocky Mountain College (RMC) physician assistant (PA) students in basic sonography July 24 and 25.

Jenna Andujar, BAS, RT (R) and Victor White, Ph.D., RT (R), will instruct the RMC PA students about basic, multi-quadrant, abdominal, cardiac and pelvic scans that can be done to determine if there is free air, fluid or blood in the abdominal, thoracic or pelvic cavities due to blunt force trauma or penetrating injuries. Students will be taught about “Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma” (FAST) and “Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma” (EFAST) scans.

“This training will give the PA students an edge clinically and will allow them to state they have some basic ultrasound experience when applying for employment,” shares White. “This ultrasound knowledge and clinical experience is not typical of most PA program graduates and this is the only ultrasound seminar conducted specifically for PA students in Montana.” 

As RMC does not have an ultrasound program, the radiologic and ultrasound technology program at City College is hosting the seminar because the necessary ultrasound machines, student models and trained instructors are available at City College to accommodate the students and their instructors.

This is the third year of the seminar partnership between City College at MSUB and RMC for PA students. Students participating in the seminars will first attend a lecture at RMC presented by the RMC PA faculty before conducting practice scanning at City College in the afternoons.

For more information, contact Victor White, instructor of radiologic and ultrasound technology, at victor.white@msubillings.edu or 406-247-3086.