July 6, 2018


rendering of the new science building at MSUB


Community Accepts MSU Billings Chancellor’s Challenge for Science Building Campaign



Tiffini Gallant, Alumni/Foundation Marketing Coordinator at MSU Billings Foundation, (406) 657-2252, tiffini.gallant@msubillings.edu


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — On June 21, MSU Billings Chancellor Dan Edelman challenged the Billings community to donate to the Yellowstone Science and Allied Health Building project. The Chancellor pledged to match dollar for dollar up to $15,000 what the community would commit to in the 10 days following the MSU Billings Foundation’s Build it Billings! Brick by Brick campaign kickoff.


The community’s response: Challenge accepted.

The announcement came during a barbecue at the MSUB Foundation where hundreds joined to support the campaign on the first day of summer. The featured fundraiser for this portion of the project is the selling of engraved bricks to be made into a walkway near the completed facility. A combination of brick purchases and personal donations flooded in, and the Chancellor’s challenge was matched in just two hours.

But the community didn’t stop there. That night, Gareld and Barbara Kreig who had previously donated $50,000 presented another match challenge – this one for another $50,000 to donors who could give more than $10,000. It was immediately met by two $25,000 donations from local community members.

Adding to the fun, a Billings-area high school science teacher and former $50,000 anonymous donor, responded with a challenge to Chancellor Edelman. This supportive educator said he’d donate another $1,000 to the project, but only if the Chancellor did the same. Chancellor Edelman did not back down, and his total contribution to the project rests now at $16,000.

In addition to the match challenges, the community has already purchased 74 bricks. Personalized bricks are $250 for a 4-by-8-inch and $500 for an 8-by-8-inch and can be ordered online at msubfoundation.com.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support of the community campaign for the Yellowstone Science and Allied Health Building,” said Chancellor Dan Edelman. “I challenged the community to match my $15,000 personal contribution in only 10 days. This match grew to $16,000 due to an alumnus upping the ante. My expectations were far surpassed, raising an additional $154,000 toward the building. So, we have raised a total to date of $4.4 million. Billings and Eastern Montana continue to show their support for Montana State University Billings. We are only a short distance away from achieving our $5 million goal to break ground.”

For more information about the Yellowstone Science and Allied Health Building project, contact Robbie Carpenter, campaign director at MSU Billings Foundation, (406) 657-2332, robbie.carpenter@msubillings.edu.