July 18, 2018


compressor unit


ONEOK donates equipment to City College at MSU Billings

Compressor unit and natural gas engines donated to City College



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Last week ONEOK donated a large compressor unit and natural gas engines to City College at Montana State University Billings.


The company’s generous donation included not only the equipment from the Gillette, Wyo., location, but an additional $20,000 to help with transportation, unloading, and set-up costs.


Loenbro Pipeline, LLC, donated the transportation service and arranged for donated crane work to unload the equipment upon its arrival on campus.


The crane was donated locally by JMS Crane and Rigging.


The compressor unit weighs 80,000 pounds and will be installed on the east side of the Technical Building at City College.  It will serve as a stand-alone lab, for hands-on teaching in multiple programs at City College. The natural gas engines will be maintained by the diesel technology students.


This equipment will allow for students in the diesel mechanic technology program to be exposed to a new system and will help them broaden their knowledge of engines other than of diesel engines. Those in the process plant program will be able to practice lock-out tag-out techniques (LOTO) on the equipment.


“The equipment was used in natural gas gathering operations. Our students will benefit by seeing what they may be operating or working on some day,” stated Steve Voss, Process Plant Technology Instructor.


Diesel mechanic students will have the opportunity to rebuild the natural gas engines that were donated alongside the compression unit. This will introduce students to engines other than of vehicle motors and will expose students to additional fuel sources, opening the door to job opportunities for students. There is a need for this in the oil and gas industry, particularly in the Bakken region.  


ONEOK has become a key business partner for the process plant, diesel mechanic technology, and sustainable energy programs at City College. They have recently hired many graduates and interns from City College to support their Bakken operations in North Dakota. “ONEOK is a valuable partner for us and they recognize the workforce development that our programs at City College offer,” shared Elizabeth Fullon, Interim Dean of City College. “Our program instructors are in tune with what the industry needs and wants, and they integrate it into their teaching. Our graduates are well prepared when they enter the field and ONEOK’s hiring of them is a testament to the strength of our programs.”


The equipment arrived July 11.


For more information contact Steve Voss at 406-247-3047 or stephen.voss@msubillings.edu.