February 22, 2018


Adventures in Health and Medicine


MSUB City College hosts STEM Billings Feb. 24



University Communications and Marketing, 657-2266


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — MSU Billings City College hosts STEM Billings “Adventures in Health and Medicine” Saturday, Feb. 24 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at City College, 3803 Central Ave.


City College instructors and staff from the Nursing program and the Fire Science program will present workshops for youth to learn about nursing and firefighting professions. Youth in fifth through eighth grades have the opportunity to join the City College nursing team to learn what nurses do and monitor their own heartbeats in a “simulation experience.” This session is called, “What Is It Like Being a Nurse?”


In the workshop taught by Fire Science instructors,  “Cooling Firefighters Down After a Fire,” youth of all ages will learn about the environments firefighters work in, how temperatures affect the human body, and how firefighters stay safe.


This STEM Billings event is open to any youth in second through eighth grades with a cost of $10 for materials and supplies.  Scholarships are available for youth to attend.


STEM Billings is committed to growing future innovators, creators, and leaders through community-wide engagement and visionary thinking. Together, businesses, education, and community leaders work to immerse youth in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) experiences. Through interactive, hands-on activities, programs and events, STEM Billings delivers a new level of inspiration and motivation in our community.


For more information visit STEM Billings’ website http://www.stembillings.org/. For questions contact Dan Carter at 406-657-5249, dan.l.carter@exxonmobil.com.