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November 6, 2017



“Progressive” Open House Thursday, Nov. 9  from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Come and go as you please to learn about on-campus services for student success at: SSS/TRIO in LI 141, VUB/TRIO in Cisel Hall, DSS in COE 135, ASC in SUB, NAAC at 2630 Normal Ave.



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Are you looking to better help your students? Want to learn about services and offices that aid in student success and graduation at MSUB?


On campus, we have five programs (Student Support Services/TRiO, Veterans Upward Bound/TRiO, Disability Support Services, the Academic Support Center, and Native American Achievement Center) geared towards helping students succeed. On Thursday, Nov. 9 from 2:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. a “Progressive” Open House will be held.


The program offices will host a bingo game for a chance to win prize baskets. This event is open to students, faculty, and staff. Food, short tours, and information on each program will be available where you will meet full-time, part-time professional, and student staff as well as participating students. 


Below are more details on these programs and a student example of who they serve. For additional information about the “Progressive” Open House contact Laura at 406-657-1668 or


Student Support Services (SSS)/TRIO - Library, Room 141

SSS/TRiO serves students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree at MSUB (or the 2+2 program through City College and MSUB) who are low income and/or first generation (neither mother nor father have an undergraduate degree) and/or are disabled.  This 100% federally funded program has been at MSUB for over 45 years and helps students through tutoring, peer mentors, workshops, on and off-campus resources and referral services, and equipment checkout (such as smart pens, calculators, recorders, etc.). 


Here’s one student example of who SSS/TRiO serves:


I am a junior who is studying Rehabilitation and Human Services. I am working hard to create a better future for myself, my son, and my nephew.  I would like my son to grow up in a better environment than I did. I work and go to school full time.


Currently, I’m working toward a degree that will help me to work at Passages or the Women’s Prison. I went through Passages a few years back. I had to do a drug class because it was mandatory for all Federal inmates.  My counselor was great, but I do not think she can walk in anybody’s shoes from the group.


After really thinking about it, I feel that I would be able to help other women out who have problems or addictions that led them to Passages since I know what they are going through. I want to help other people better themselves.  Student Support Services has provided support for me in a nonjudgmental environment. That encouragement is hard to find anywhere else.


Ever since I started college, the staff, mentors, and tutors have always been there to help me.


Veterans Upward Bound (VUB)/TRiO - Cisel Hall, Room 105

VUB/TRiO is a free statewide program of instruction and support services for veterans making a career change or preparing to enter or re-enter college.  This college transition program has been located at MSUB since 1992 and prepares veterans for success. Veterans can gain free assistance to all aspects of college admission including applying for the GI Bill® or other benefits.  Support and services continue during college enrollment with individual tutoring as necessary, VA workstudy opportunities, information about new community services and programs for veterans, and access to social and cultural events.


Here’s one student example of who VUB/TRiO served:


I joined the National Guard and planned to use the education benefits to attend MSUB to become a teacher. I was 40 before I was able to start college, and it took just three days of classes to decide that college was not for me.


It was fortunate that I apologized to my math instructor for dropping her class because she also taught math for Veterans Upward Bound and walked me over to the VUB offices. VUB helped me push my start date at MSUB back a semester and enrolled me in VUB’s fall academic refresher.


I thrived in the small classes and quickly settled into an academic routine focused on improving my skills without the pressure of grades. I was unanimously selected as the Outstanding Student for the semester by VUB faculty. In the spring I started classes at MSUB and never looked back. In under four years I graduated with a teaching degree and now teach in Yellowstone County.


VUB allowed me the time and support needed to transition from soldier to college student. The program provided the guidance that showed me I had the potential to be very successful in college.


Disability Support Services (DSS) - College of Education, Room 135

DSS assists documented disabled students (mental, physical, and/or emotional) by striving to create an inclusive and accessible environment by collaborating with students, faculty, and staff to facilitate solutions to environmental and educational barriers. They provide alternative testing accommodations either in the classroom or at the DSS office, and alternative text requests can be made. Checkout of various equipment may be available (i.e. smart pens). Lockers are available to DSS students in the Liberal Arts Building on the first floor. 


Here’s one student example of who DSS served:


It was through the caring and patient support I received from both SSS/TRiO and DSS which allowed me the wherewithal to get through my semesters at MSUB through to graduation.


In my first semester at MSUB, my anxiety was heightened to the point I could not figure out how to get from the Library building to the LA building.  My mentor from SSS/TRiO walked me out the door and to the other building, as well as showed me where the elevators were. During that semester, due to my anxiety, if it had not been for the private testing rooms and additional testing time provided by DSS, I’m confident I would not have passed my Biology exams.


Throughout my depressed times I was able to sit in my mentor’s office at SSS/TRiO and cry. As well, I had the sanctuary during those times at DSS to once again take tests in solitude. It was through these fabulous organizations which I was able to grow during my time at MSUB. I found myself spreading my wings and helping other students who had syndromes just like mine. I became an officer in the club for DSS and helped with many events.


When it came time for graduation and time for graduate school I was truly sad to leave, not because the organizations had become my crutches, but because I had come to look at them as my friends. I owe TRiO and DSS so much, and will forever be grateful.


Academic Support Services (ASC) - Student Union Building, First Floor

(Note: MSUB City College also has an ASC location on the first floor of the Tech Building. This location is not included in the “Progressive” Open House.)


Tutoring services are available for students on university campus and at City College on a drop-in basis or by appointment; in groups or one-on-one.  Tutoring is also available online.The ASC is staffed with student tutors, professional tutors, and instructors who are trained to tutor in writing and math as well as other subjects. Tutoring services are "free" as they are included in students’ fees. Supplemental Instructors (SIs), assist students by holding regularly scheduled study sessions each week in classes where students tend to struggle. SIs attend these classes along with students, so they are able to set up their study sessions based on what the instructor has taught each week. The ASC has a kid-friendly policy that enables students with young children to bring their kids into the lab after 3 p.m. for appointment tutoring or SI sessions. 


Here’s one student example of who the ASC served:


I returned to school and changed my degree to Welding and Metal Fabrication in 2014. I began using the Academic Support Center both on the main campus and at City College. The writing and especially the math tutors were both very helpful in assisting me with my time management and work completion as well as study preparation.


I enjoyed the environment so much that I began working as a peer mentor to help other students and inform them about the benefits of the lab and tutors. I am happy to share with current students how it helped me improve my grades and feel successful. I graduated in May of 2017 with my associates degree.


The accommodating and supportive space the ASC provided for me as a student has led to my continued appreciation and my current employment as a peer mentor and tutor. I get to help other students succeed at MSUB!


Native American Achievement Center (NAAC) - 2630 Normal Avenue (the former daycare building)

The Native American Achievement Center serves all American Indian students at MSUB and City College by providing academic support while encouraging their individual, social, cultural and emotional growth. Many opportunities arise for American Indian students to give public presentations on their culture or experiences as a college student in the local and surrounding communities. The NAAC strives to connect students to possible future employers, clubs, and student groups. Staff celebrate each student’s culture and individuality through events, heritage recognition activities, and by getting to know them.

Here’s one student example of who NAAC served: 


I graduated from MSUB at the end of fall semester 2015. I am a Fort Peck Sioux tribal member who majored in Sociology and minored in Native American Studies. While a student at MSUB, I was fully engaged with the university and Native community.


During my time on campus I served as the Intertribal Indian Club president, an ASMSUB Senator, GearUp Peer Mentor, and Powwow Intern in charge of donations. Between myself and my peers, we took on projects for the Intertribal Indian Club, like traveling to Denver to see one of the largest powwows in the nation. I earned recognition for my work by earning scholarships and student leadership awards.