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March 27, 2017

 Dr. Nisha Bellinger


Dr. Nisha Bellinger is one five MSUB faculty who will present at the upcoming ‘Showcasing Women’s Scholarship’ event 

Second Annual ‘Showcasing Women’s Scholarship’ announced by MSUB

Five women scholars of MSUBB to present their current research at 3p.m., March 30, in LA 205. Event is free and open to the public. 



Dr. Jennifer Lynn, Director Women & Gender Studies Center, 657-2922

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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — The Montana State University Billings Women’s Faculty Caucus has announced the line-up for its Second Annual Showcasing Women’s Scholarship.


The “TED Talk” style presentation includes MSU Billings scholars who will talk about their current research in an accessible way for about 10 minutes each.


Showcasing Women’s Scholarship will take place from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., on March 30, in Liberal Arts Room 205.


Sponsored by the Women’s Faculty Caucus and supported by the Women’s and Gender Studies Center, the program features faculty from a wide variety of disciplines. There will be time for questions and discussion following the presentations, along with a reception.


“This is a great opportunity to celebrate and feature some of the important work that faculty are doing at MSUB and gives both the campus and the community an opportunity to discuss new ideas and projects,” stated Dr. Jennifer Lynn, assistant professor in the Department of History and director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Center.


The event, she states, also “celebrates Women’s History Month and women’s contributions to the production of knowledge. Moreover, this event is particularly unique because short presentations give the audience an overview of the exciting research that women are doing at MSUB in an accessible way.”


The program includes five women scholars of MSUB.


Dr. Nisha Bellinger, assistant professor, Department of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies will speak on “The Consequences of the Centripetal Turn in the Asia-Pacific.”


Dr. Melissa Boehm, assistant professor, Department of Communication and Theatre will discuss a recent project, “The Framing of Health and Poverty in Appalachia in the New York Times: A Textual Analysis.”


Dr. Ana Diaz, assistant professor of philosophy will explore, “The Problem of Mental Causation.”


Dr. Lynn George, assistant professor in the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, will tell us about “Deciphering a secondary genetic code in neurons: the role of codon bias and Elongator in neurological disease.”


Dr. Jennifer Lynn, will discuss, Tractor Frauen and Working Mothers: Images of Women in the East German Press.”


The Women’s Faculty Caucus is excited to be a part of this event, which was robustly attended and enjoyed last year.


“Convening this event is an important function of the Women’s Faculty Caucus. We want to bring the campus community and the Billings community together with these ongoing discussions,” added Dr. Melissa Boehm, assistant professor in the Department of Communication and Theatre.


Attendees will also receive a program that summarizes the speaker’s topic and their biography, giving the campus community a chance to get to know faculty members.


The event is free and open to the campus and community.