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January 11, 2017

 Medicine wheel at MSUB

This buffalo calf is just one part of Lewis and Clark Week at City College at MSUB. 

City College at MSUB Hosts Lewis and Clark Week

Area seventh grade students taking part in learning event through Friday



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Steel in one hand and rock in another, Jeff Sherman strikes the two together and sparks fly.


The group of seventh-graders from Will James Middle School watching the presentation are impressed. They gasp and an audible “wow” rises from the small cohort.


Sherman is one of several volunteers taking part in Lewis and Clark Week being hosted by City College at Montana State University Billings and presented by Our Montana Inc.


He shows the youngsters how the explorers would have started fire, loaded muzzleloaders and stayed warm. Besides his tennis shoes, his get-up looks pretty authentic and the students are engaged.


The group has provided the learning opportunity for 12-years, said School Liaison and Coordinator Judy Foster.


a teepee set up at City College “It’s all about connecting students with what happened during the Lewis and Clark expedition,” Foster said. “And comparing the technology they had to the technology available today.”


Students learn about the technology used during 1804-1806 trek via eight modules. Before arriving at the City College campus they stop at Pompey’s Pillar National Monument for a military presentation.


Then, at the school, they learn about flora, communication, medical technology, maps and bison.


“I’m really excited to see the buffalo. We even get to feed them treats and pet them,” said 12-year-old Ashlyn Devork. “It’s fun to learn about all the different plants and animals Lewis and Clark would have seen on their journey and it’s neat that it’s all right here close to where we live.”


City College faculty and staff enjoy the yearly event, too.


City College Dean Clifford Coppersmith said, "We appreciate the opportunity to support Lewis & Clark Week.  It is a fantastic program that familiarizes young people with the world class history that occurred right here in our own back yard.  It also exposes them to the broad diversity of cultures and people that have inhabited the landscape around us and continues to support that diversity today."


Lewis and Clark Week continues through Friday. Foster indicated that by week’s end, nearly 700 students will have spent the day learning about exploration.


PHOTO ABOVE:  A teepee is set up at CCMSUB for Lewis and  Clark Week.