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Dr. Kenneth Miller named Distinguished Alumnus from the University of Wyoming’s College of Education

October 6, 2014



Carmen Price, University Relations, 657-2243


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Ken Miller, department chair and professor of science education and educational theory and practice, received a distinguished alumni award from the University of Wyoming’s College of Education.


Dr. Ken Miller at the podium

“I was deeply humbled and honored to represent the many alumni from the University of Wyoming as the Distinguished Alumni from the College of Education,” Miller said. “To be recognized by my peers for my work here in Montana and the region certainly means a lot to me. We make many decisions in our lives. Some small, some large. But we always have someone there to help us to make those decisions. I am thankful for the many colleagues at the University of Wyoming and here in Montana that provided the mentoring and support  before my career started and after my career began that helped me to have established a successful career. These colleagues have touched my live substantially.”


Recipients were recognized at a dinner in September at the University of Wyoming campus with more than 200 faculty, staff, students, UW trustees and administrators present. Also in attendance were alumni board members and benefactors, former UW deans and retirees.


With a strong foundation and passion for science, Miller sought to be a successful educator.  Miller soon discovered that students were just going through the motions of learning science and needed a deeper understanding. This started his journey of researching teaching and learning methods at the University of Wyoming’s doctoral program in curriculum and instruction, of which he earned is Ph.D. in 1990.


Miller has had a successful career at Montana State University Billings as an educator and leader, bringing in several million in grants for Montana educators and students alike.


And after having been involved in the teaching world for well over 30 years, his primary focus has not changed from that of day when he began his journey: “It is my responsibility to not only maintain an atmosphere in which learning is possible, but to create a classroom in which students can direct their own learning process.”


“At Montana State University Billings and specifically in the College of Education, we are driven to provide learning opportunities reaching all of Montana,” Miller said. “The College of Education faculty and staff have supported me in every endeavor that I have engaged. The faculty at the COE are all experts in their fields and this recognition just further documents and adds to the list the accomplishments of many of these excellent faculty."


PHOTO ABOVE: Dr. Kenneth Miller was honored at the University of Wyoming’s  College of Education 100-year anniversary celebration in September where he was presented with a Distinguished Alumni award.