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MSU Billings Graduation

May 7, 2013



Aaron Clingingsmith, University Relations, 657-2243
Debbie Brown, University Relations, 657-2266


958 students received degrees at 86th annual commencement


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Montana students from cities other than Billings who have applied for graduation


Degree Designation:
AA: Associate of Arts
AAS: Associate of Applied Science
AS: Associate of Science
B: Bachelor
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
BS: Bachelor of Science
CAS: Certificate of Applied Science
CER: Certificate
M: Master
MED: Master of Education
MS: Master of Science
Honors Designation:
***Summa Cum Laude (4.00 GPA Bachelor's Degree)
**Magna Cum Laude (3.75 - 3.99 GPA Bachelor's Degree)
*Cum Laude (3.50 - 3.74 GPA Bachelor's Degree)
++High Honors (3.75 -4.00 GPA Associate Degrees and Certificates)
+Honors (3.50 - 3.74 GPA Associate Degrees and Certificates)        
#University Honors Scholar


Students are listed in alphabetic order, with Honors students listed first



+Crystal E. Whiteaker, Practical Nursing; AAS
Rebekah Barbour, Advanced Studies; MS
Nicole Burkey, Practical Nursing; AAS
Jennifer R. Hoines, Human Resources; AS
Terri D. Krenning, Education; AA
Crystal Lamm, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Jeffrey Dale Royce, Fire Science; AS
Jackie Lynn Tibbedeaux, General Studies; AS



Jessamyne Marie Briscoe, Liberal Studies; BS



**Constance A. See, General Business; BS
Joey R. DiTonno, Liberal Studies; BS



Jason Becker, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Kyle Koppinger, Business Administration; AS
Kelby Newell, Sustainable Energy Technician; CER
Kalli Wyrick, Accounting; BS



Cara Lynn Birdtail, Psychiatric Rehabilitation; BS
Cara Lynn Birdtail, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
Philip J. Botch, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Kira A. Huck, Public Relations; MS
April Dawn Morales, Nursing; AS
Audrey E. Selph, Psychology; BA



+Jann M. Christman, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER



**Connor Schultz, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
++Dustin J. Goldhahn, Diesel Technology; AAS
++Dustin J. Goldhahn, Diesel Technology; CER
+Sam C. Liston, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Benjamin Jon Davis, Environmental Studies; BA
Brandon Walton, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS


Big Sandy

Devin Mae Lackner, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS


Big Sky

Katherine E. Smith, Public Relations; MS


Big Timber

Caitlyn D. Beley, Liberal Studies; BS
Jonathan Bennet Lowry, Process Plant Technology; AAS



Fawn E. Bowles, Accounting; BS
Lorena Mai Kirby, General Business; BS
Jennifer N. Pelej, Public Relations; MS
Dana Marie Richter-Solberg, Liberal Studies; BS



*Marleigh Cheree Senner, Finance; BS



*Elissa Sue Adams, Elementary Education; BS
Laura D. Clark, Advanced Studies; MS
Matthew K. Comer, Liberal Studies; BS
Casinda R. Elder, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Elizabeth Moselle Hardin, Advanced Studies; MS
Christi Lynn Hoffman, Advanced Studies; MS
Taylor Jeanne Holt, Public Relations; BS
Mel Koontz, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Lauren A. Kozlow, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS
Michelle Nicole McFarland, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Katelyn Ann Stewart, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Trina Jean Tolar, Sociology; BA



*Alexandria Elizabeth Stevenson, Health Administration; BS
++Therese Ann Kafka, Practical Nursing; AAS
Wendi Nichelle Mudd, Automobile Refinishing Technology; CER



Taten L. Anderson, Diesel Technology; CER



Derek Thomas Brown, Diesel Technology; AAS



**Megan Kathleen Wilson, Elementary Education; BS
Ann Rochelle Bigback Goodluck, Nursing; AS



Ryan Evan Dennehy, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Deni Marie Kluksdahl, English Teaching Option; BA
Angela E. Longfox, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Trevor B. Mattson, Liberal Studies; BS



*Shelby Lynn Moxley, Elementary Education; BS



Kambrie G. Simmons, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS



Alyssa Carrie Bauer, Athletic Training; MS



*Ashley M. Dudley-Taylor, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
*Karson Earl Rosander, Accounting; BS
*Reagan Saulsbury, Music Teaching Option; BA
*Reagan Saulsbury, Elementary Education; BS
Chalee Daugherty, Elementary Education; BS
James Tyler Fulkerson, Networking Technology; AS
Adam Hanser, Diesel Technology; AAS
Michelle Speerstra Petersen, School Counseling; MED
Robert J. Shy, Jr., Liberal Studies; BS
Tyler John Williams, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS


Columbia Falls

**Amanda E. Milliard, Liberal Studies; BS



*Roberta Pulse, Accounting; BS
++Ashley Burdette, Practical Nursing; AAS
++Jamie Renee Wayland, Human Resources; AS
Jordan P. Brewer, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Whitney Mary Jacobs, Applied Science; B
Tanner James Lambert, Finance; BS
Forrest J. Mandeville, Public Administration; M
Breeann Osgood, Generalist; MS
Jennifer L. Rando, Human Resources; AS
Jaime M. Willis, Curriculum and Instruction; MED



Geoffrey Phillip Fehr, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Carmen Lynn Ihde, Elementary Education; BS
Daniel Keith McKinney, Interdisciplinary Studies; MS



+Ryan P. Elliott, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS


Cut Bank

**Ashlee Faith Mead, Accounting; BS
Kate Minnis, Liberal Studies; BS


Deer Lodge

Andrea Krattiger, Human Resources; AS



Jacob Krieger, Process Plant Technology; AAS



Jacob Iverson, Management; BS


East Helena

Kyle Blackburn, Liberal Studies; BS



**Leah M. Brence, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS



Tasha Lynn Bass-McLean, Liberal Studies; BS
Jackie Lynn Tibbedeaux, Paramedic; AAS



**Brooke L. Oftedal, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Stephanie Jean Hein, Psychology; BS
Samantha A. Painter, Reading; MED


Fort Belknap

Pamela M. Azure, General Studies; AS


Fort Peck

*Casey Jo Johnston, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS


Fort Smith

++Ben Harris, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS



**Karina L. Buechler, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
+Lindsey L. Jones, Business Administration; AS
Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Julie Anna Bauwens Jones, General Business; BS
Michelle Ann Simmons, Human Resources; AS
Catherine F. Warner-Combs, School Counseling; MED



Tammy Rose Brewington, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS



Jennifer Jane Coutts, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED



Joseph William Lilienthal, Applied Science; B
Anthony L. Norcutt, Practical Nursing; AAS
Aimee Lee Ost, Criminal Justice; BS



**James Ira Robison, English; BA
John Carl Dershem-Bruce, Applied Science; B
Deidra Lee, Psychiatric Rehabilitation; BS
Michael John Lowry, General Business; BS
Drew C. Milne, Liberal Studies; BS
Eric Simonton, Sociology; BS


Great Falls

**Kristin Rae Soldano, Health Administration; BS
+Taylor S. Hayes, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Jennelle R. Dyer, Health Administration; BS
Carol L. Franco, Applied Science; B
Zachary Gregoire, Liberal Studies; BS
Joel Allan Henderson, Applied Science; B
Jonathan Henry, Liberal Studies; BS
Michael Warren Horton, Liberal Studies; BS
Erin Nicole Jones, Applied Science; B
Veronica Michele Juden, Psychology; BS
Barrett Warren Killam, General Business; BS
Alayna Beth Lacher, Public Relations; BS
Seth Lutter, Public Relations; MS
John David Mion, Liberal Studies; BS
Matthew J. Schoonover, Liberal Studies; BS
Aaron Kyle Stucker, Biology; BA
Bobbie Sue Talmage, Advanced Studies; MS
John Twichel, School Counseling; MED
Jarred Weisen, Psychology; MS



+Sarah J. Krebs, Nursing; AS
+Jon Maine, Accounting Technology; AAS
Jennifer Lynn Fruichantie, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Erin J. Guay, History; BA
Nichole Elizabeth Guza-Waltner, Liberal Studies; BS
Jessica Brea Kenney, Psychology; BS
Ferole C. Lopez, Criminal Justice; BS
MyLinda Lovell, General Studies; AS
Cortney P. Lundberg, Liberal Studies; BS



**Alanna Jo Berg, Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
**Pearl Dalgarno, Applied Science; B
++Alanna Jo Berg, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
Arielle C. Schwend, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
Arielle C. Schwend, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Jayme Lynn Smith, Business Administration; AS



Morgan A. Jorgenson, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS



**Matthew William Barton, Chemistry; BS
**Tana Marie Tchida, Spanish Teaching Option; BA
Sarah Mckinney Griffith, Public Relations; MS



Bonnie Mount Bentley, Elementary Education; BS
Michael Joel Mummey, Accounting Technology; AAS



**Jaime Michelle Terry, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
*Kara Lynn Hughes, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
*Tasha N. Javelosa, Applied Science; B
*Summer Hope Michaelson, Applied Science; B
++David L. Benson, General Studies; AS
Alexandra Marie Amundson, History; BA
James Paul Bisom, Health Administration; M
Benjamin David Bristow, Advanced Studies; MS
Riley James Burnham, Public Relations; BS
Stephanie Helen Chambers, General Business; BS
Zachory Lee Cook, Liberal Studies; BS
Michele Faure, General Studies; AS
Tanya P. Hoff, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Jack Holt, Applied Science; B
Daniel H. Horton, Music; BA
Betsy Marie Kirkeby, Public Relations; BS
Cyrus Edward Malkin, General Business; BS
Richard L. K. Morgan, Applied Science; B
Andrea Kay Opitz, Liberal Studies; BS
Julia Marie Ward Ortloff, Liberal Studies; BS
Brian D. Redfern, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Cassandra Marie Rice Wetzel, Accounting Technology; AAS
Katie Lynn Sullivan, Biology; BA
Lindsey Meredeth Trenary, Liberal Studies; BS
Xandrea A. Varnado, Business Administration; AS
Jacob Richard Charles Vulk, Information Systems; BS



Pamela L. Roberts, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS



Kristi Jo Dull, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Patty J. Dull, Liberal Studies; BS



Tammie Wright, Process Plant Technology; AAS


Hot Springs

+Christopher Scott Atwood, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Matea M. DePoe, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS



**Patrick George Mueller, Marketing; BS
**Patrick George Mueller, Art; BA
*Brianne Emily Fandek, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Holly Bradshaw, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Christina Marie Fox, General Business; BS
Anita R. Hauff, Sociology; BS
Shila Sueann Johnson, School Counseling; MED
Nicole L. Kruse, Liberal Studies; BS
Carter S. See, Diesel Technology; AAS
Darby Susott, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED



**Jessica M. Larson, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
++Jessica M. Larson, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
++Joshua Olaf Lee, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
+Sarah A. Langlois, Nursing; AS
Christine J. Faulkner, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Matthew Todd Stump, History; BA


Hayley J. Herbold, Health Administration; BS
Hayley J. Herbold, General Business; BS
Alyson Anne Murnion, Public Relations; BS
Charlee A. Osmond, Finance; BS



**Megan R. Copas, General Business; BS
*Ian Michael Anderson, Criminal Justice; BS
*Kelly Anne Dougherty, Liberal Studies; BS
*Heather Marquand, Liberal Studies; BS
Jesse Ballew, Public Relations; MS
Brian Clay, Elementary Education; BS
Heather Lindie Dalla Betta, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Melissa Thompson Hardman, Generalist; MS
Erin Ann Howardson, Public Relations; MS
Brandon Wayne Pope, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Lauren M. Voeltz, Psychology; MS



Becky Kurtz, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS



*Ross Everett Thornton, Public Relations; BS



***#Nathan Baillet, Management; BS
***#Nathan Baillet, History; BA
**Jennifer Rein, Applied Science; B
*Aubrey Arneson, Applied Science; B
*Sandra K. Marquart, Human Services; BS
*Dane R. Yeager, Criminal Justice; BS
++Dylan Lee Ceaser, Construction Technology; AAS
++Ecko M. Edwards, Networking Technology; AS
++Patricia C. Little, Practical Nursing; AAS
++Lanny C. Orr, Nursing; AS
+Autumn Dawn Maxwell, Practical Nursing; AAS
+Kara E. Thomae, Nursing; AS
+Mark Voss, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS
Amanda Clark, Human Resources; AS
Matthew Felde, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Steven J. Fraga, Outdoor Adventure Leadership; BS
Hope Shannon Grayson, Nursing; AS
Amber Gunter, Diesel Technology; AAS
Jennica Hammond, School Counseling; MS
Dana Lynn Huber, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Duane A. Klaassen, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Jennifer Knaub, Nursing; AS
Michelle C. Larned, Marketing; BS
Brittany A. Lonsbery, Finance; BS
Eve Allen Mann, Management and Marketing; BS
Derek Morris, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Cyrus Murfitt, Construction Technology; AAS
William Olson, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS
Derrick J. Persson, Human Resources; AS
Catherine Rose Shelton, Criminal Justice; BS
Chad J. Stevenson, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Jonas Ammon Torres, Management; BS
Jessica Mae Tuck, Liberal Studies; BS
Ashley Vogl, Elementary Education; BS
Matthew R. Wallila, Management; BS
Angela Marie Williams, Public Relations; MS



**Tanner Alexander Davis-Lund, Finance; BS
+Kendall Jolliff, Nursing; AS
Matthew Gruener, History Teaching Option; BA
Stephen Gruener, History Teaching Option; BA
Samantha M. Larson, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Bradley S. Petersen, Diesel Technology; AAS
Josh Slade Rouns, Diesel Technology; AAS
Joel Robert Valach, Outdoor Adventure Leadership; BS



*Jacob M. Devries, Applied Science; B
Brittany J. Bertalmio, Human Resources; AS
Matthew Ryan Cissel, Finance; BS
Adam A. Fairbank, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS



Noah Eugene Dahlseid, General Business; BS
Adam Hanson, Practical Nursing; AAS



Emily Crump, Accounting; BS



++Justin Allan Christofferson, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Melissa C. Barbour, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option)/Outdoor Adventure
Shelana Lundstrom, Liberal Studies; BS
Alec Meisdalen, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; CER
Ward C. VanWichen, Health Administration; M



+Katie Dyksterhouse, Practical Nursing; AAS
Taylor J. Canfield, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Kaitlin Vanderby, Elementary Education; BS
Tyson N. Vanderby, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS


Medicine Lake

Sarah Marie Smith, General Studies; AS


Miles City

*Ryan Nelson Howe, Applied Science; B
*Jamilea Paige Kittelmann, Management; BS
*Kristin Mathison, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Theodosia R. Britt, Psychology; MS
Theodosia R. Britt, School Counseling; MED
Michael Lawrence Ellinghouse, Political Science; BS
Truman J. Essex, Environmental Studies; BA
Kim Justice, Psychology; BS
Nathaniel J. Kaiser, Liberal Studies; BS
Garrett Avery Lamach, Power Plant Technology; AAS
Tana LeAnn Lingg, Accounting; BS



**#Shawn Griffith, Biology; BS
Kristine Ann Haasl, Health Administration; M
Brandi Leigh Harrington, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Rosie Harrington, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Rosie Harrington, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
Garion Taras Holian, Music Performance Option; BA
Meaghan Kathleen Houlihan, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Christina Howeth, Education; AA
Janiece Perry, Health Administration; M
Amy Marie Tackett, History; BA



++Cerise V. Lucas-Nagel, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Breanne Cato, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kailyn Nicole Dorhauer, Health Administration; M
Shelby Nicole Eckman, Business Administration; AS
Taelor R. Hansen, Business Administration; AS


Montana City

Danielle Kautz, Radiologic Technology; AAS



Richelle Hertel, Paramedic; AAS



++Nicholas Leader, Automotive Technology; AAS
Kristina K. Bengochea, School Counseling; MED
Kayla Jo Fuhrmann, Office Assistant; CER



Shannon Elizabeth St. John-Ackeret, Public Relations; BS


Park City

***Michael David Nash, Management; BS
*Ginny Lea Davidson, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
++Kyle Arnold, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Gail Ann Blakely, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Christine Marie Jones, Psychology; MS
Jennifer Marie Knust, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Sarah Ann Moedl, General Business; BS
Michelle Lea Perlick, Psychology; BS



*Cody F. Fryxell, Political Science; BS
*Kristen M. Rehbein, Liberal Studies; BS



**Kenda Lindblom, Accounting; BS
Tanner Solberg, Construction Technology; AAS


Pompeys Pillar

**Bryan T. Steiger, Management; BS



Lana M. Daniels, Elementary Education; BS



**Anneke Johnson, English and Spanish; BA


Red Lodge

**Jenny Lee Zimmermann, Art Teaching Option; BA
++Patricia Langemeier, Accounting Technology; AAS
+Melissa A. McJunkin, Practical Nursing; AAS
Carl Gauthier, Psychology; MS
Bobbie Jo Leichner, Criminal Justice; BS
Lindsay M. Mahoney, Elementary Education; BS



Aunna J. Bertolino, Management and Marketing; BS
Heather Lyn Gorsuch, Liberal Studies; BS



*Jaucelyn Jade Richter, Environmental Studies; BA



*Kathryn Hall, Elementary Education; BS
Alan Edward Skogen, Elementary Education; BS



+Megan Bree Hadfield, Nursing; AS
Jessica Lynn Anderson, Elementary Education; BS
Kate Leslie Ferguson, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Ashley A. Gairrett, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Thomas Hagstrom, General Business; BSAmy Marie Smith, English Teaching Option; BA
Ryan James Sterman, Fire Science; AS
Haley Vest, Accounting; BS



Kaylee M. Grimsrud, Public Relations; BS
Morgan Jones, Public Relations; BS



+Tessa Linn Beley, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology; AAS



Katy L. Forbes, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Corinna Lynnette Waters, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS



manda Lee Fischer, School Counseling; MED



*Ashley L. Laurie, Art; BFA
Cory D. Graff, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS



Dustin Ahrens, Health Administration; M



++Sean D. Owens, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Rijena Faith Bennett, Accounting Assistant; CER
Rijena Faith Bennett, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Melissa Brennan, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Annika Genevieve Charter, Biology Teaching Option; BS
Alyssa N. Conard, Psychology; BS
Evan J. Erickson, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Diane M. Fisher, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Tyler Jay Hanson, Spanish Teaching Option; BA
Andrew T. Miller, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Cody Osborne, Athletic Training; MS
Vicky J. Reynolds, Nursing; AS
Talia Annie Jane Super, Reading; MED
Joshua Joel Wagner, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Anastasia M. Wilson, Nursing; AS
Julie A. Wilson, Elementary Education; BS
Mary Margaret Masse-Geary, General Business; BS
Laura Nayes, Management; BS
Katherine Ashley Patch, Athletic Training; MS



*Cindy Staffanson, Elementary Education/Reading; BS
++Jessica Minow, Accounting Technology; AAS
Andi Lea Buckley, Public Relations; BS
Beverly Rose Schilling, General Business; BS



Jordan Ann Merrill, Athletic Training; MS



Melissa McFadgen, Business Administration; AS
Lisa Kaye Jolley Stevens, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED



Erin Marie Elenbaas, Reading; MED


Thompson Falls

Lisa L. Roberts, Accounting Technology; AAS


Three Forks

Randa Marie Saltness, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Lindsay R. Walter, School Counseling; MED



Dalton Joseph Emig-Wahrman, General Studies; AA



++Taylor George Fouts, Diesel Technology; AAS


West Yellowstone

Shanna Marie Demlow, Generalist; MS


White Sulphur Springs

Alissa M. Berg, General Studies; AS
Erica Johnston, General Business; BS



Shane M. O'Rourke, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Krista Irena Sanders, Liberal Studies; BS



+Alex Murdock, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS



Jeffrey Bakken, Management; BS
Derrick Hartse, Marketing; BS



Amy Christina McIsaac, Liberal Studies; BS



Randi Barber, Accounting; BS



Craig Vincent Kahnke, Applied Science; B


Wolf Point

**Jocelyn Peters, Elementary Education; BS
Kelly Lee Nieskens, Health Administration; M



+Debbie Cranford, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Kevin James Morales, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option K-12); BS
Kevin James Morales, Special Education (P-12); BS
Rebecca J. Nay, School Counseling; MED



Rebecca Lou Paulsen, Elementary Education; BS

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