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MSU Billings Graduation

May 7, 2013


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958 students received degrees at 86th annual commencement


Billings students who have applied for graduation

Degree Designation:
AA: Associate of Arts
AAS: Associate of Applied Science
AS: Associate of Science
B: Bachelor
BA: Bachelor of Arts
BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
BS: Bachelor of Science
CAS: Certificate of Applied Science
CER: Certificate
M: Master
MED: Master of Education
MS: Master of Science

Honors Designation:
***Summa Cum Laude (4.00 GPA Bachelor's Degree)
**Magna Cum Laude (3.75 - 3.99 GPA Bachelor's Degree)
*Cum Laude (3.50 - 3.74 GPA Bachelor's Degree)
++High Honors (3.75 -4.00 GPA Associate Degrees and Certificates)
+Honors (3.50 - 3.74 GPA Associate Degrees and Certificates) 
#University Honors Scholar


Students are listed in alphabetic order, with Honors students listed first

***Callie Marcotte, Accounting; BS
**Shyanne B. Arthur, Applied Science; B
**Sarah Lynn Austin, Human Services; BS
**Dana Block, History Teaching Option; BA
**Leah R. Campbell, English; BA
**Jenna Lee Christensen, Psychology; BA
**Chelsea A. Czeczel, Applied Science; B
**Madeline Leigh Felts, Public Relations; BS
**Heidi Feneis, Spanish; BA
**Joan M. Fitzpatrick-Morris, Elementary Education; BS
**Tammy Rene Hanify, Human Services; BS
**Beret Grace Mantei, History; BA
**Jenelle Lynn Mehling, Art Teaching Option and History Teaching Option; BA
**Sean Pearson, History Teaching Option; BA
**Adam Prevost, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
**Kailyn Melissa Rowe, Accounting; BS
**Breeann Grace Silbernagel, English Teaching Option; BA
**Breeann Grace Silbernagel, Special Education (P-12); BS
**Nancy Lee Sprott, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
**Amy Elizabeth Weisz, Psychology; BS
*Jasmine M. Austin, Biology; BS
*Trevor Biondich, Communication Arts (Theatre); BA
*Aaron V. Duray, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
*Nikki Renee Geordge, Elementary Education; BS
*Heather Godfrey, Elementary Education; BS
*Heidi Amelia Biskeborn Graves, History Teaching Option; BA
*Lisa Marie Hufnagel, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
*Nicole Marie Jeffers, Psychology; BS
*Teri Lynn Leroy, Elementary Education/Reading; BS
*Desiree Rachelle Morgan, Spanish; BA
*Benjamin Patrick Nordlund, History; BA
*Jacob M. Parker, Outdoor Adventure Leadership; BS
*Katrina Peckenpaugh, General Business; BS
*Jeffrey A. Redding, Management; BS
*Rowan Marie Riggs, History and Spanish; BA
*Kristin Marie Rude, Sociology; BA
*Rachel B. Schaner, Elementary Education/Reading; BS
*Anthony W. Schoonover, Political Science; BS
*Brooke Ashley Severson, Accounting and Management; BS
*Reilly Nicole Shelton, Finance; BS
*Douglas J. Stepina, Outdoor Adventure Leadership; BS
*Jessica Marie Tobin, Elementary Education; BS
*Adam Toland, Psychology; BS
*Sara Kate Wagner, Human Services; BS
*Jacquelyn Jeannette Wegner, Elementary Education; BS
*Emily Christine Woegens, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
*Katria Ziegler, Elementary Education; BS
++Mayra L. Barthuly, Nursing; AS
++Shanus Barthuly-Keller, Nursing; AS
++Michelle Boyer, Nursing; AS
++Chelsea Paige Bruget, Radiologic Technology; AAS
++Rachel Veleen Chevailer, Drafting and Design Technology; AS
++Audrianna Eales, Nursing; AS
++Adam Feralio, General Studies; AS
++Jennifer Becker Greenwood, Accounting Technology; AAS
++Tammy Rene Hanify, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
++Tyler Harlow, Automotive Technology; AAS
++Celeste Horton, Practical Nursing; AAS
++Lisa Jackson, Administrative Assistant; AAS
++Sarah McDonald, Radiologic Technology; AAS
++Storm H. Moench, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++Rebecca Riesinger, Business Administration; AS
++John F. Roberts, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
++Lisa A. Ross, Nursing; AS
++Nicholas Roussos, Process Plant Technology; AAS
++Matthew Schaefer, Construction Technology; AAS
++Jedrick D. Schatz, Automotive Technology; AAS
++Christopher M. Schuldt, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology; AAS
++Katelyn Rose Schultz, General Studies; AS
++Jen Villavicencio Gonzalez, Nursing; AS
+Tyler D. Aarness, Automobile Collision Repair Technology; CER
+Tyler D. Aarness, Automobile Refinishing Technology; CER
+Cassidy R. Alberta, Process Plant Technology; AAS
+Serena I. Anderson, Human Resources; AS
+Cody Michael Bender, Process Plant Technology; AAS
+Emily Bowers, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+Katherine Bracken, Nursing; AS
+Nancy J. Burton, Accounting Technology; AAS
+Kristin Duffner, Nursing; AS
+Melissa L. Eurich, Nursing; AS
+Cindy Gabel, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
+Clay Hathaway, Process Plant Technology; AAS
+Makaya Lee Hunemuller, Radiologic Technology; AAS
+David Larson, Diesel Technology; AAS
+Amanda McCarthy, Nursing; AS
+Patrick James McCormick, Practical Nursing; AAS
+Alex R. Pilarczyk, Nursing; AS
+Jeremy William Price, Fire Science; AS
+Alescia Michelle Roberts, Practical Nursing; AAS
+Jason W. Springstead, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
+Jennifer Stone, Administrative Assistant; AAS
+Steven T. Stover, Accounting Technology; AAS
+Rebecca L. White, Nursing; AS
+Andrew Edward Winter, Diesel Technology; AAS
+Tom L. Woehl, Construction Technology; AAS
Kayce Anders, Nursing; AS
Randi D. Anderson, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Gina Marie Andrade, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Charity Andrews, Human Resources; AS
Malissa Edna Archambault, Elementary Education; BS
Shane Buxton Bailey, Automotive Technology; AAS
Ryan J. Bak, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Brandi Baker, Practical Nursing; AAS
Cassandrah K. Baker, History; BA
Daniel Greg Bealer, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Hannah Beatty, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Jessica Rose Beatty, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Virginia Bellew, Nursing; AS
Ed Bender, Diesel Technology; AAS
Denis M. Berry, Business Administration; AS
Jessica LeeAnna Dellnise Berry, General Studies; AS
Colter J. Bethurem, History Teaching Option; BA
Melissa Ann Binkoski, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Lauren LaRae Blaesius, General Studies; AS
Kristy Lee Blaine, Practical Nursing; AAS
Desiree Bond, Psychology; BS
Ethan Eric Bookheimer, Fire Science; AS
Kassandra L. Borth, Criminal Justice; BS
Kassandra L. Borth, Sociology; BA
Eryn Braida, Environmental Studies; BA
Kristie K. Breitwiser, Applied Science; B
Grant A. Brewer, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Stephany Paige Brockhausen, Applied Science; B
Rose Bunton, Office Assistant; CER
LeeAnn Marie Burley, Elementary Education; BS
Ashley J. Burns, School Counseling; MED
Ryan Matthew Burst, Applied Science; B
April Buscher, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Samantha Lorraine Bushman, Advanced Studies; MS
Andrew Bryan Bustell, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology; AAS
Michael Dean Campbell, Political Science; BS
Brenda L. Casey, Nursing; AS
Adam Chiappone, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Miranda Raenelle Clairmonte, Liberal Studies; BS
Baili Colbrese, Art Teaching Option; BA
Misty M. Conklin-Hagel, Practical Nursing; AAS
Taylor Michelle Cook, Sociology; BS
Kara A. Cox, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Mandi M. Crable, Advanced Studies; MS
Stephani Criswell, Nursing; AS
Jennifer M. Crogg, Psychology; MS
Kenneth W. Cunningham, History Teaching Option; BA
Tera Marie Cunningham, Educational Technology; MED
Blake A. Davis, Liberal Studies; BS
Heather Michelle Davis, School Counseling; MED
Kevin K. Davis, Jr., Biology; BS
Angela B. Deputee, Management and Marketing; BS
Megan Dibble, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Kristi Dickinson, General Business; BS
Christopher William Doll, Finance; BS
Lance W. Dollarhide, Paramedic; AAS
Andrew Drake, Management; BS
Deanna Monica Duckett, Accounting; BS
Jennifer Doris Dunning, Accounting Technology; AAS
Colter Eaton, Construction Technology; AAS
Lisa B. Elkins, General Studies; AS
Jessica Diane Ellefson, Accounting; BS
Suzanne Ennis, Nursing; AS
Katie Marie Ericksen, Art; BFA
Matthew Lyle Erickson, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
Deanna Eyrich, Administrative Assistant; AAS
Brittany Lynne Feiler, Psychology; BA
Jordan Fenwick, School Counseling; MED
Amanda Marie Folk, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Jeremie K. Forney, Diesel Technology; AAS
Larissa V. Forseth, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Spencer Fox, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Crissy Michon Frazier, Liberal Studies; BS
Megan French, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Justin H. Frickle, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS
Nicolle Jean Fugere, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Miranda M. Garcia, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Dylan German, History; BA
Kelsey Leigh Gilbert, Management; BS
Daniel Gordon, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS
Paige Gottwals, Nursing; AS
Amanda Marie Griffin, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Richard Alan Guckeen, General Studies; AS
Christopher Guyer, Management; BS
Anna Marie Haaland, Practical Nursing; AAS
Holli Lee Halama, Generalist; MS
Chelsey Hall, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kyle L. Hamburg, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Patricia Lee Harper, School Counseling; MED
Courtney Jean Harvey, Biology; BS
Joy M. Hayworth, Applied Science; B
DevonJames Nelson Hedin, Management and Marketing; BS
Laurie L. Heimbichner, Practical Nursing; AAS
Jacqui Lee Helzer, Human Services; BS
Palmer Thomas Henrickson, Criminal Justice; BS
Salvador J. Hernandez, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
April S. Heuer, Liberal Studies; BS
Taylor John Hildebrand, Marketing; BS
Tyler Kirk Hirschi, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Michael D. Hodges, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Ryan Hodges, Business Administration; AS
Lacy Hollis, Radiologic Technology; AAS
Kelly Hoover, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Michelle Hoovestal, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Stacey Iversen Huck, Marketing; BS

Tamara D. Hunt, Health Administration; M
Craig Jon Hurless, Power Plant Technology; AAS
Robert K. Hutchinson, Diesel Technology; AAS
Heather Isaacson, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Lindsey Marie Jacobsen, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Ethan Jensen, Diesel Technology; AAS
Morgan Jestes, English; BA
Brandon M. Johnson, Criminal Justice; BS
Christopher N. Johnson, Management; BS
David T. Jones, History; BA
Sammi Jorgensen, Practical Nursing; AAS
Wendy A. Jungblut, History; BA
Brianna Beth Kaftan, Paramedic; AAS
Kerry Diane Munari Kaiser, General Studies; AA
Nathaniel Zachary Keehn, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; CER
Jeremy Curtis Keeler, Liberal Studies; BS
Rachel Keil, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kyle Keller, Art; BFA
Ryan Keller, Automobile Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology; AAS
Tonya Lynn Keller, Accounting Technology; AAS
James M. Kelly, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Cameron Jesse Kennedy, Fire Science; AS
Katherine L. Kerchal, Communication Arts (Organizational); BA
Stephany R. Kessler, Liberal Studies; BS
Danielle Kindsfather, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Holly Rae Kindsfather, Nursing; AS
Angela King, Practical Nursing; AAS
Steven Douglas Kirby, Communication Arts (Theatre); BA
Arlen W. Kirkaldie, Jr., Psychology; BS
Bethany Fritz Kittson, Elementary Education; BS
Skip Samuel Kittson, Diesel Technology; AAS
Marilyn Rita Klein, Accounting; BS
Jordan Knows Gun, Accounting; BS
Brad C. Knutson, Music Teaching Option; BA
Blake Kuehn, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; AAS
Olivia Marie Lamach, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Whitney Lang, Liberal Studies; BS
Scott Langford, Art; BFA
Jackie Kay LaVe', Practical Nursing; AAS
Giada Lazzeri, Spanish; BA
Casey Leach, General Studies; AS
Margaret Elizabeth Lee, Health Administration; BS
Christina L. Leibrand, Nursing; AS
Mikel Allison Lenhardt Anderson, Reading; MED
Cory P. Letendre, Fire Science; AS
Hanna Marie Lewis, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Hanna Marie Lewis, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
Rochelle A. Lewis, General Studies; AS
Josie Kay Rose Lind, Elementary Education; BS
Heather Marie Lindenberg, Nursing; AS
Daniel Long, Automotive Technology; AAS
Brandon Loran, Automotive Technology; AAS
Joerell Paige Loudermilk, Management; BS
Michelle Luxmore, Practical Nursing; AAS
Anthony Michael Macht, Automotive Technology; CER
Bryan Mack, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Sabrina Marie Makinen, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Jenelle Malcolm, Applied Science; B
Ian Maloney, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Tim Maurice Marnin, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Andrew Martian, Criminal Justice; BS
Bryant Franklin Mawyer, School Counseling; MED
Megan McCarthy, History Teaching Option; BA
Jason James McCoy, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Michael Earl McDaniel, Management; BS
Jamie Lynn McIlvain, School Counseling; MED
Jessie M. McMillian, Sociology; BS
LaRay Mears, Practical Nursing; AAS
Eloy S. Medina, History; BA
Margaret Marie Melvin, English Teaching Option; BA
Margaret Marie Melvin, Elementary Education; BS
Kassi Meyer, Mathematics Teaching Option; BS
Robin Miller, Practical Nursing; AAS
Stephen W. Miller, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Warren C. Minnis, Finance; BS
Daniel Robert Mitchell, Management; BS
Charles Moffet, Liberal Studies; BS
Stephani Molden, Psychology; BA
Mary E. Montgomery, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Brandon Moore, English; BA
Alex Nathaniel Lee Morgan, Management and Marketing; BS
Joshua Morgan, Health Administration; BS
Molly J. Morgan, Practical Nursing; AAS
Landon Douglas Morris, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Noel Morris, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Charles S. Nava, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Justin R. Nelson, Computer Programming and Application Development; AAS
Laura L. Nugent, Computer Desktop/Network Support; AAS
Randi M. Nydam, Human Resource Management; CER
Brett Wesley Olson, Diesel Technology; AAS
Lance E. Olson, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Chelsey Origer, Health Administration; BS
Ashlee Nicole Owens, Psychology; BS
Brandon Leon Pattyn, Management; BS
Andrea M. Payne, General Business; BS
Cinda L. Paynter, Elementary Education; BS
Bonny Perkins, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Sarah Jessica Pertuit, Elementary Education; BS
Lindsay Peterson, Psychology; MS
Vu Pham, Health Administration; M
Colter Jacob Pierce, History Teaching Option; BA
Roderick Pierson, Rehabilitation and Related Services; AA
John Pivovarnik, Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology; CER
Lauren Pokora, Practical Nursing; AAS
Timothy Poland, Practical Nursing; AAS
D'Dea Pond, Accounting; BS
Daniel J. Porisch, Psychology; BS
Buck Preble, Finance; BS
Mitzi Marie Racine, Liberal Studies; BS
Vanessa Ginelle Ready, Practical Nursing; AAS
Tammi Anderson Reimer, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Kelly A. Remior, Human Resources; AS
Amber Lynn Rienhart, Health and Human Performance (Health Promotion Option); BS
Lynn Roach, Education; AA
Robert R. Roan, Accounting Technology; AAS
Randal Roberts, Applied Science; B
Sarey Diane Robey, Practical Nursing; AAS
Tia Jaylynn Robinette, Human Services; BS
Danielle K. Robinson, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kim Rodriguez, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Breanna M. Roe, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Carrie Rogers, Practical Nursing; AAS
Nicholas James Rogers, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Sydni M. Roma, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Tonya Renae Rose, Liberal Studies; BS
Celesta Chanelle Rowland, Liberal Studies; BS
Libby Kristine Rutz, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Thomas John Rye, Biology; BS
Annette Marie Sand, General Business; BS
Maribel R. Schaff, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Angela Schell-Dockter, Practical Nursing; AAS
Amanda Schelle, Applied Science; B
Gerald Seth Scheller, Business Administration; AS
Charine Grace Schlosser, School Counseling; MED
Lisa Schmidt, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Erin Michelle Schock, Reading; MED
Melissa L. Schutlz, Public Relations; BS
Lori Lynn Sekora, Medical Coding and Insurance Billing; CER
Sarah M. Shadel, Public Relations; MS
Richard Shular, Chemistry; BS
Joel Simmons, General Business; BS
Brandi Skinner, Accounting; BS
Bryce Skjervem, Liberal Studies; BS
Bryce Skjervem, General Studies; AA
Nicole Louise Speasl, Health and Human Performance (Human Performance Option); BS
Sydney Nicole Spencer, Psychology; BS
Katrina Ann Sprankel, Health Administration; BS
Colin Stanton, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Jenifer Taylor Steilen, Practical Nursing; AAS
Cierra Stein, Sociology; BS
Meagan A. Steiner, Communication Arts (Mass); BA
Brock H. Steingruber, General Studies; AS
Katherine Ann Stetzner, General Studies; AS
Harrison M. Stevens, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Abby B. Stimpson, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS
Twila J. Sullivan, Applied Science; B
Terri Summers, Generalist; MS
Clark E. Swan, Public Relations; MS
Lynnea Joy Swanke, Psychology; BS
Lynette Broyles Swanson, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Austin Swenson, General Studies; AS
Benjamin D. Szillat, Biology; BS
Chelsea Talaski, School Counseling; MED
Danielle Lee Tatsakron, Liberal Studies; BS
Erin Ricks Thomas, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Marcus William Thornson, Practical Nursing; AAS
Casey M. Tolstedt, Curriculum and Instruction; MED
Jessica Torgerson-Lundin, Applied Science; B
Kyle Matthew Trafton, History Teaching Option; BA
Kylie Marlene Tuttle, Management; BS
Derek Ullman, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Matthew Van Valkenburg, Outdoor Adventure Leadership; BS
Jessica Kay Vandersloot, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Derek Vetch, Computer Systems Technology; AAS
Kyle Vierthaler, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Rebecca Brooke Visser, Medical Administrative Assistant; AAS
Shena Ann Wald, Interdisciplinary Studies; MED
Kim Coleman Waldmann, Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling; MS
Adam Paul Walker, Liberal Studies; BS
Tyler J. Walker, Accounting; BS
Timothy D. Warburton, Human Services; BS
Lorraine Waterson, Nursing; AS
Angela Christine Watson, Special Education (P-12)/Elementary Education; BS
Brian Frederick Watterson, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Heather Leanne Watts, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Derek J. Weber, Process Plant Technology; AAS
Anna J. Weidinger, General Business; BS
Jared Weil, Sustainable Energy Technician; AAS
Isaiah Welch, Networking Technology; AS
Annie Wertman, Criminal Justice and Sociology; BS
Justin Ross Wetzel, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Management; MS
Adam Thomas White, Health and Human Performance (Teaching Option K-12); BS
Amanda Jo Beukenhorst Wilcox, Rehabilitation and Related Services; BS
Richard G. Williams, Construction Technology; AAS
Robert McQueen Williams, Practical Nursing; AAS
Kaila Willoughby, Human Services; BS
Shawna Diane Willoughby, English; BA
Sherrie L. Winks, Practical Nursing; AAS
Nikolas K. Wong, Accounting; BS
Garry Wayne Worthington, Drafting and Design Technology; AAS
Douglas Joshua Wynia, General Business; BS
Keith Yeager, Biology; BS


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