November 3, 2008



Lea Zoltowski, MSU Billings Art Department, 657-2149
Dan Carter, University Relations, 657-2269


Only $10 for your choice of a handmade ceramic bowl and a delicious lunch


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — A handmade ceramic bowl and some homemade soup can do more that warm your insides on a chilly fall day. Sometimes it can go a long way to helping students.


Lea Zoltowski in MSUB pottery labAnd that’s exactly what the Montana State University Billings Department of Art Potters’ Guild has in mind with its second annual “Lovin’ Bowls” benefit luncheon on Saturday, Nov. 8. The event matches hand built ceramic bowls with hot soup to help raising money for the Huntley Project School art department and MSU Billings student scholarships. 


The event runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the MSU Billings Downtown Campus, Broadway III Room, 2804 Third Ave. N., across the street from Alberta Bair Theater.


It is open to anyone and patrons will receive their choice of a handmade ceramic bowl and delicious gourmet lunch for a donation of only $10.  People can also enter a raffle to win a hand built bowl and vase.


 Huntley Project’s high school was destroyed fire in late September, with much of the computer, art and other school materials lost to the blaze. This event, said Lea Lea Zoltowski, ceramics instructor at MSU Billings, is a way for one art community to help another.


Students in Zoltowski’s introductory pottery class as well as members of the MSU Billings Potters’ Guild have thrown and hand built over 100 bowls so far for the benefit luncheon.


It is free for any MSUB student or Alumni to participate in the MSU Billings Potters’ Guild.


Anyone interested in joining the Potters’ Guild or for more information about “Lovin’ Bowls” can contact Zoltowski, an assistant professor of ceramics and the Potters’ Guild advisor, at 657-2149 or by email at MSU Billings students and alumni can participate in the Potters’ Guild free of charge.