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2012 News Release Photos

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12/21/12 Holly Lemons, right, celebrates her City College RN pinning with her mother, left, and children at a ceremony on Dec. 14. The celebration is a tradition marks the end of an arduous academic career and features family members who supported the students who worked to attain their degree. Shown below, Practical Nurse graduate Jackie LaVe’ gets an approving smile from her sister Mattie Beadling.  Also shown below, Lanny Orr, the president of the City College’s RN class, shares a hug with fellow graduate Michelle Boyer.

12/21/12 MSU Billings faculty and staff gathered around a bell at Peaks to Plains Park on Friday, Dec. 21,  in a moment of silence for the victims and community of Newtown, Conn.

12/17/12 Tanner Lambert

12/06/12 MSU Billings students Amanda Grubbs, left, and Leah Jones

12/05/12 Some MSU Billings and Montana Women’s Prison representatives gathered at the MSU Billings Library recently to present some new books for women inmates at the prison

11/29/12 Shawn Casagrande, left, works with a fellow student in a computer networking lab at the City College campus this week. Casagrande, 25, a 2005 graduate of Billings Senior High School, will represent Montana in an international competition on Friday.

11/28/12 Jenna Szramoski, a junior criminal justice major at MSU Billings, completes documentation for the bone marrow registry at a drive at the Student Union Building on Nov. 27. Below, nursing students Sarah Krebs, left above, and Holly Kindsfather were among those who helped fellow students get registered by gathering the cheek swabs.

11/26/12 Curtis Johnson

11/14/12 Samantha Thatcher, a financial aid specialist at MSU Billings, helps a student with a financial aid question

11/09/12 MSU Billings student Ashlee Rangitsch, center, stands with summer cooperative education supervisors Lynelle Amen, left, and Stefani Williams in the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office.

11/09/12 Rangitsch stands with Billings Police Officer Cory Kirkpatrick.

11/07/12 Tyler Murray

11/07/12 Garion Holian

11/05/12 Lauren Eisen’s “Hybridization/Reversion” features encaustic, metal, paper, grass and clematis pods on wood.

11/05/12 Billings community members as they joined MSU Billings students, staff and faculty to construct a medicine wheel to honor veterans and American Indian students in November 2011

11/05/12 Two students place a stone in the medicine wheel in honor of a family member who served in the military

11/02/12 Tim Schruth | Bobby Anner-Hughes | Joel Guthals | Jerry Anderson
Keith Hermanson | Molly Nichelson | Kirk Peterson | Heather Rosenfeld

10/31/12 Ken Miller, director of Educational Programs in the College of Education at MSU Billings, left, and Jeanie Kalotay, grant coordinator

10/29/12 Two MSU Billings students showcase their costumes as they prepared for the annual “Trick or Treat in the Halls” event last year for Billings-area kids.

10/18/12 Chris Wilkins, left, and Alison Adams

10/18/12 Elisabet Rueda’s “Runaway Inertia” is a part of her senior exhibition.

10/16/12 Mark Fenderson

10/10/12 The staff who assist students with various healthcare needs at the MSU Billings Student Health Services offices are, left to right. Stacy Stellflug, a St. Vincent Healthcare nurse practitioner who serves as the Medical Director; Darla Tyler-McSherry, director of the MSU Billings Student Health Services; Renee’ Wheeler, a registered nurse at St. Vincent; and Jordan Teller, a nurse practitioner at St. Vincent.

10/10/12 Sarah Brockel

10/05/12 Yvette Gonzalez-Quevdo, center, works with a student recently at the Academic Support Center at MSU Billings. Nancy Traeger, who has been a tutor at MSU Billings since 2002.

10/05/12 Stacey Williamson

10/04/12 Maggie Connors

10/03/12 Jenny Zimmermann’s senior show “Pieces of Me”

10/01/12 Steven Kirby, sustainability coordinator for the Associated Students at MSU Billings | recycling bin details

09/28/12 MSU Billings students study and chat in the newly remodeled Student Union Building, home to a new coffee shop and the university campus Academic Support Center

09/25/12 Photos of Three-dimensional Contemplation on Contemporary Existence exhibit

09/21/12 Photo of Tibetan art | 2nd photo of Tibetan art

09/14/12 This photo of American Indian women who served in the Marine Corps is a part of the exhibit that will be on display the MSU Billings Library starting Sept. 17.

09/12/12 A freshman student at MSU Billings relaxes on the University Campus recently.

09/11/12 Krista Montague

09/11/12 Tammi Watson, Director of New Student and Retention Services

09/07/12 A wreath is placed at Montana’s 9/11 Memorial

09/05/12 MSU Billings Student Director Miriam Veltman

09/04/12 Kristen Klimper

08/30/12 Dr. Gary Gray

08/22/12 Sarah Knobel’s  “Cover 2,” which is archival c print with acrylic & origami; and Jodi Lightner,’s “Once There the Impetus Changed,” an acrylic, ink and oil on mylar piece

08/22/12 Dr. Jennie Leonard

07/06/12 Jeannie McIsaac-Tracy, left, and Ben Barckholtz

07/05/12 From left, Craig Lowman, recent graduate with a degree in history with a teaching option; Celesta Rowland, a junior majoring in business management and public relations; Brittany Feiler, a senior psychology major; and Shar Lantz, a senior elementary education major | Myanmar map

06/29/12 Abby Roberts, left, and her father, Brent

06/29/12 Photos from last year's Summerfest: Rain Fun | Climbing Wall

06/21/12 Krista Montague

06/20/12 Tami Haaland | book cover, When We Wake in the Night

06/04/12 Bruce Vandal

05/16/12Laurie Burton | Alicia Domagala | Isaiah Garrison

05/16/12 Tanner Lambert

05/07/12 Kevin Honeycutt | Julie Cajune

05/07/12 Ambrose Taylor sits in a lab at the MSU Billings College of Technology. | Taylor (at right) working on a computer network project with another student in the lab.

04/26/12 Clark Swan, right, with Shawn O’Brien, the MSU Billings golf coach

04/25/12 Kyle Goings, left, and Tyler Rutledge

04/25/12 Sara Harshman

04/23/12 Graduates from the MSU Billings class of 2011

04/23/12 Alicia Meyer, left, and Liz Collins; Liz Collins is shown with Walter Popp, a resident at St. John’s Lutheran Home

04/23/12 Angela Deputee, a senior at MSU Billings

04/12/12 MSU Billings Drama Committee

04/09/12 Michael Montoya

04/09/12 Nicole Jerominski

04/09/12 Valerie Hemingway, center, listens to some discussion recently; Dr. David Craig and students in the class.

04/02/12 Kirk Visser, euphonium major

04/02/12 Ethan Gray

03/28/12 Alumni Award Recipients: Andrew Small, Dr. Wayne Hansen, Dr. John Cech, Tim Harris, Darrell Kipp, Lisa Lombardy, Dr. George McGrail, Dennis Schuld

03/28/12 Chad Schreier

03/27/12 Anna Biegel

03/12/12 Marilyn Grams

03/12/12 The artwork titled “Spools” by Lillie Grace, a Montana State University Billings senior art major from Laurel, during her senior capstone exhibition. Second photo is a piece of art titled “Paths.”

03/12/12 Tami Haaland

02/28/12 Dr. Elizabeth Ciemins and Dr. Marcia McNutt

02/27/11 MSU President Dr. Waded Cruzado, right, Dr. Rolf Groseth, left, chancellor of MSU Billings.

02/23/12 Stella Fong

02/22/12 Patti Hellman | “One Day Without Shoes” flyer

02/15/12 Lady Jackets team, including Quinn Peoples, from Butte (number 33, third from left) | Quinn Peoples on the court

02/09/12 Jean Albus’ “What a Woman Wants” is an example of her work.

02/06/12 Two new designs for specialty license plates

01/30/12 Amanda Losness, Casey White, Sean Slaugh, Courtney Keyes and Amanda Grubbs rehearse a scene from “The 39 Steps.”

01/30/12 Visitors talk with a  local business representative at a previous Career Fitness Fair held at MSU Billings.

01/18/12 Jennifer Wood, center, and Sam Harrington stand next to their collaborative mural done for the “Power of One” week at MSU Billings.

01/18/12 Katherine Kendall, a bear researcher shown above at McNeil River Falls in Alaska

01/13/12 MSU Billings students involved in an “Up ’til Dawn” effort to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are, from left to right, Kylie Downs, Ashlee Rangitsch, Becca Morgan, Justine Simons, Carlos Hernandez and Patti Hellman. Others involved but not pictured are Cody Fergen and Kelsey Komar. The “Up’til Dawn fundraiser event is set for Thursday night, Feb. 2.

01/13/12 Brent Roberts, Director of Library Services, MSU Billings

01/10/11 One of the featured paintings by Neil Jussila for his “Trout Fishing in Montana” exhibit this month

01/09/12 Ken Carter, the inspiration behind the film “Coach Carter”

01/05/12 Dr. David Craig

01/03/12 Jeanie Kalotay, left, and Ken Miller at the MSU Billings College of Education

01/03/12 PRISM Logo

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