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2011 News Release Photos

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12/30/11 Tami Haaland

12/29/11 A student at MSU Billings does some research under a quilt hanging at the MSU Billings Library.

12/14/11 MSU Billings Chancellor Rolf Groseth, left, stands with student Shannon Renskers, center, and art faculty member Kristen Wilkins in the art computer lab at MSU Billings | The winning art and the cover of the card

12/09/11 MSU Billings College of Technology student Ambrose Taylor, left, and computer systems technology instructor Bruce Brumley | Taylor prepares to do one of the 90-minute tests for the competition.

12/08/11 Joel Grinder, a native of Cut Bank, will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant Friday as part of an ROTC ceremony at MSU Billings

12/06/11 Tim Urbaniak, who teaches in the drafting and design technology program at the Montana State University Billings College of Technology

12/06/11 Emily Harris, an honors student at Montana State University Billings

12/05/11 Branden Martinez, a senior music performance and music education major at Montana State University Billings

12/02/11 Justin Tinnes, a paramedic student at the Montana State University Billings College of Technology

11/29/11 Adam Wetzel

11/28/11 MSU Billings men’s basketball teammates Emery Henning, left, David Arnold, and Robert Mayes put together an imitation Christmas tree | Taylor Stevens, left, and Antoine Proctor move a table in the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Works Office.

11/23/11 MSU Billings business students Tyler Melugin of Billings, left, and Robert Stricklin of Hysham

11/22/11 Nathan Gurtler, senior percussion student

11/21/11 MSUB Jazz Ensemble

11/17/11 Students study at the commons area at the MSU Billings College of Technology. | Stephanie Haynie and a fellow student.

11/14/11 Detail of “American Fork No. 2” by Sandra Dal Poggetto

11/03/11 Chae Clearwood, left, Amada Grubbs and Bobbi Kay Kupfner play the roles of the three Magrath sisters in MSU Billings’ production of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Crimes of the Heart.”

11/03/11 Clearwood runs through a scene with David Harman, who plays the role of her former boyfriend Doc Porter.

11/02/11 Students, faculty, staff and community members construct a medicine wheel during Veteran’s Day 2010

11/02/11 Crystal Svoboda, director of Rimrock Hall at MSU Billings

11/01/11 Luke Anderson, a 20-year-old senior in the political science program at MSU Billings, pauses for a break during a polling project at the university in late October.

11/01/11 Dr. Craig Wilson, left, and Dr. Cathy Grott talk about the results of the annual MSU Billings poll at a press conference Tuesday, Nov. 1 at MSU Billings.

10/28/11 Dr. Connie Landis, left, a professor of art at MSU Billings, and Darrel Williams, a desktop support specialist with the information technology department

10/28/11 Some of the teaching tools Landis used when Macintosh computers were introduced to educators in the early 1980s.

10/28/11 William Murphy, nationally-recognized tax authority

10/26/11 Image from a presentation on the digital reconstruction of the mining area beneath the town of Red Lodge.

10/25/11 Honors Program Students: Emily Harris | Patricia Hampton

10/21/11 Dr. Charles Hoge, a retired U.S. Army colonel and author of the book “Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior”

10/20/11 Members of the MSU Billings women’s soccer team are partnering with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Montana for a benefit to help children with life-threatening medical conditions. MSUB seniors who are taking a lead role in the event this year are, Danielle Gordon, (second from left), Kelly Minard, Tyshae Davis and Amanda Brusic. Heather Ohs, state director of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Montana, is at left.

10/19/11 Dr. Mark Fenderson, of the Montana State University Billings music department

10/14/11 Some of the ceramic artwork done by Mel Griffin | Mel Griffin Poster

10/12/11 Students meet with an employer at a past TechExpo event at the MSU Billings College of Technology.

10/06/11 Bill Simmons, president of Master Lube, talks to graduates of an education and workforce training program at the Montana Women’s Prison in November 2010

10/06/11 Dr. Sheila Stearns, Commissioner of Higher Education for Montana

10/04/11 One of Joy Wulke’s photographs that depicts the two-decade transition of an old school house in central Montana

10/04/11 Ron Basini, CEO of West Virginia Angel Investor Network

9/30/11 MSU Billings reference librarians Eileen Wright, left, and Megan Thomas

9/30/11 Montana State University Billings student and tutor Amanda Muscha, left, works with another MSU Billings student on a math project Friday at the MSU Billings Academic Support Center. Below, are photos of Muscha and COT student and tutor Jen King.Montana State University Billings student and tutor Amanda Muscha, left, works with another MSU Billings student on a math project Friday at the MSU Billings Academic Support Center. Below, are photos of Muscha and COT student and tutor Jen King.

9/30/11 Mary Elizabeth Ryan, Laurel native and Montana State University Billings vocal student

9/20/11 Kristin Wilkens, an assistant professor of art, opened the 2011 MSU Billings Faculty Art Exhibition with a piece of performance art | a sculpture done by ceramics instructor Shanna Fliegel.

9/12/11 Bobby Petrocelli

9/08/11 The Montana 9/11 Memorial, featuring a piece of I-beam recovered from the World Trade Center, will be dedicated Sunday, Sept. 11 at 2 p.m

8/26/11 Dr. Marsha Riley, new dean of the College of Technology at MSUB

8/25/11 MSU Billings chancellor Dr. Rolf Groseth makes remarks Thursday at the university’s annual back-to-school meeting.

8/16/11 A representative from Habitat for Humanity works with two women at the Montana Women’s Prison during some hands-on construction training at the prison last fall. A program developed by MSU Billings and supported by local employers to provide women offenders with job skills and education is being viewed as a template for a  statewide reentry initiative.

8/16/11 Jeff Rosenberry, left, and Evan Slagsvold work at MSU Billings full time, but also use their expertise and passion for sports as umpires during the Little League season. Below, Rosenberry talks with a 10-year-old player before a game earlier this summer.

8/03/11 Dr. Mark A. Pagano was introduced as the chief academic officer at MSU Billings by Chancellor Rolf Groseth.

7/27/11 Memorial Progress 2: A construction worker with EEC Inc., puts some finishing touches on the forms for the boundary of the Montana 9/11 Memorial project at the MSU Billings College of Technology. Workers and companies have donated time and supplies to help keep the project moving.

7/27/11 Memorial Groundbreaking Crew: The development of Montana’s 9/11 Memorial has been drawing wide support. Rod Ostermiller and Paulette Bentz, from the Exchange Clubs of Billings, at left, joined MSU Billings Chancellor Rolf Groseth, center, and Stockman Bank employees Erin Ferrell and Tricia Hansen to break ground for the project on Friday, July 15.

7/27/11 Memorial Progress: A trucks waits for concrete to pour in to the 9/11 Memorial at the MSU Billings COT earlier this week.

7/15/11 Autism Conference keynote speaker, Dr. Patricia Wright, National Director Autism Services for Easter Seals

7/15/11 Lockout/tagout unit will help train MSU Billings College of Technology students

6/29/11 A youngster enjoying last year’s Summerfest

6/24/11 Dr. Debra Johnson was awarded the 2011 Jack Kemper Outstanding Educator Award by the Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants at its 98th annual meeting in Billings this week.

6/23/11 Dr. Lisa Simon | War Poetry Flyer

6/22/11 Planning advances on Montana's 9/11 Memorial: Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

6/17/11 Kathy Kotecki in front of McMullen Hall on the MSUB campus; Koteck dealing with writing at McKinley Elementary

6/15/11 Taylor Fouts, of Turner, recently graduated from the MSU Billings College of Technololgy’s Automotive Technology program

6/01/11 Summer Institute Conference Speakers: Adora Svitak | Star Nayea | Kevin Honeycutt | Dr. Steve Goodman

5/18/11 Curtis Wallete, the president of the MSU Billings chapter of the American Indian Business Leaders

5/15/11 Opportunity Campaign for MSU Billings Scholarships Logo

5/12/11 World Trade Center I-beam: photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3

5/12/11 Map of Arrival Route and Parking the College of Technology

5/11/11 Briana Mills, 10, a fourth-grader at McKinley Elementary in Billings, can barely hold her excitement as she meets her e-mail “Jacket Pal” Kathy Kotecki

5/10/11 Wegger Chr. Strommen, Ambassador of Norway to the United States | photo 2

5/05/11 Zoe McRae, who will completing her work as a senior this fall in the MSU Billings College of Business

4/26/11 Jen Gross, left, and Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, associate professor of philosophy

4/25/11 Alicia Meyer, seated at left, is photographed with Marilynn Miller, president and CEO of the MSU Billings Foundation

4/22/11 Cooperative Education Students Honored: Earl FisherLillie Grace, Jason Rodriguez, Leah Brince

4/22/11 Thomas Sullivan, who will receive two degrees from MSU Billings next week — biology and Spanish

4/22/11 Veteran broadcast journalist Judy Woodruff

4/21/11 Two students getting ready for MSU Billings commencement ceremonies Spring 2010

4/20/11 A judge provides pointers to Lewis and Clark Middle School students from Billings after a National History Day performance on “The Life and Legacy of Harvey Milk” held recently at MSU Billings. The students are Gretta Herbert, Rebecca Strong and Grace Otto, who won the gold medal in the Junior Group Performance category.  Providing suggestions at left is judge Charles Rust.

4/13/11 Hundreds of children from around Billings attend the annual Easter Egg hunt at MSU Billings

4/13/11 Bill Dickman, Montana State University Billings music student

4/11/11 Nathan Gurtler, a percussion major at Montana State University Billings

4/08/11 Curtis Johnson, a junior Music Major at Montana State University Billings

4/08/11 This photo shows some examples of historic inscriptions on sandstone in the Northern Plains.

4/01/11 Garion Holian, Montana State University Billings music performance major

4/01/11 Jesica Henderson, a senior at Montana State University Billings

4/01/11 Branden Martinez, a Montana State University Billings music major

3/28/11 Cathy Bealer | Colleen Riley | Jeremy Morgret | Mark Dawson | Harvey Munford | Jeannie McIsaac-Tracy

3/22/11 Japanese students at MSU Billings have rallied their friends and colleagues to help raise funds for victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

3/21/11 MSU Billings Chancellor Dr. Rolf Groseth, left, and Dr. Mary Susan Fishbaugh, new dean of the university’s College of Education, hold up the national accreditation certificate

3/15/11 Fred J. Whyte, president of STIHL Inc.

3/14/11 MSUB students performing Shakespeare play

3/08/11 Nan Russell, noted author, speaker, radio host and former vice president of QVC

3/01/11 Sara Paddock, a junior in the Montana State University Billings College of Education, works with second-graders at Lockwood Primary School

2/28/11 Mikaela Herman and her 1-year-old son, Daniel, put the final touches on a service learning presentation

2/28/11 Ryan Shore talks about his work with COR Enterprises, an organization that helps developmentally disabled adults find work.

2/25/11 Katie Ellis, MSUB piano performance major

2/1//11 Kim Schweikert

2/09/11 Dr. Tom Rust

2/09/11 From left to right are Thomas Litton, Bridger Smith, John Werner and Mikey Wall. Behind them is a display board the four did about the Treaty of Versailles that will be used for this year’s competition. At far right is their teacher, Shane Fairbanks. Fairbanks is also a graduate of MSU Billings.

2/08/11 Mikayla Nelson | Kathryn E. F. Russell, Ph.D. | Chicks in Science 2010

2/07/11 Students Debbie Cook, left, and Dalton Emig-Wahrman

2/04/11 Dr. Barbara Wheeling, Interim Associate Provost

1/31/11 Ken Siebert, KEMC/Yellowstone Public Radio

1/28/11 Brianne Rebekah Roney

1/28/11 Jesica Henderson, a junior at Montana State University Billings studying music performance

1/21/11 'Wall of Hate' at MSU Billings

1/10/11 Dr. Jenny Leonard, assistant professor at the MSU Billings College of Business, with Saree Couture, facilities manager with the city of Billings

1/10/11 Screenshot of new Green Pockets web site

1/10/11 Maggie Gregori, a senior at Montana State University Billings

1/10/11 “Feminine T” is a sample of the art done by Hend Al-Mansour

1/03/11 Kathy Gurney stands in the lobby area of the MSU Billings Library during a previous MSU Billings Library quilt show. A quilter herself, Gurney spearheads the effort to showcase a large number of quilts at the library every winter.

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