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2009 Reproducible Photos (print-quality)

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News Release Photos

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12/29/09 A local employer talks with students at the 2009 Career Fitness Fair at MSU Billings.

12/16/09 Karen Henderson, part-time MSU Billings writing instructor; Alisha Steffan, MSU Billings writing student

11/25/09 Jaclyn Rooney, a Montana State University Billings music student

11/19/09 Montana Women’s Prison inmates, from left, Tiffanie Fitzpatrick, Nicole Moore and Alexsandria Yellow Horse are all smiles during a graduation ceremony at the prison recently. The three women were among 11 who completed a “Pathways to Success” training and education program provided by MSU Billings.

11/17/09 Dr. Craig Wilson, right, and Dr. Dan Lennon discuss results from the latest MSU Billings Poll on Tuesday.

11/16/09 MSU Billings Poll co-directors, from left, Dr. Dan Lennon (sociology), Dr. Craig Wilson (political science) and Dr. Scott Rickard (Center for Applied Economic Research) talk about the new MSU Billings Poll that was release Monday.

11/13/09 MSU Billings students, staff and supporters create a medicine wheel at the university Friday.

11/09/09 Maggie Gregori, a clarinet student at Montana State University Billings

11/04/09 Dr. Linda Swift, retired geologist and visiting lecturer at MSU Billings

11/02/09 New Alumni Association Board Members: Misty Claerbout , Quinn Donovan, Kassidy Olson, Steven Peterman

11/02/09 Two 'Bra-Nanza' entries from Spring 2009 at MSU Billings: Photo 1 | Photo 2

10/28/09 Old containers find new jobs through student-led sustainability initiative: MSU Billings students and workers from Coca-Cola Bottling work on turning used and empty 55-gallon barrels into recycling bins. Wooden dividers will allow the bins to receive both aluminum cans and plastic bottles; ASMSUB senators Ashley Adams, left, and Grace Horman climbed inside the empty barrels to affix handles for the new recycling bins; Montana State University Billings students and Coca-Cola Bottling employees stand with two of the recently completed recycling bins that will be dispatched around the MSU Billings campus; Additional Photo 1, Additional Photo 2

10/19/09 MSU Billings Foundation Chairman, Vice chairman, newlly elected officers: Don Allen, Kris Aschim, Frank Cross, Mark Dawson, Joel Guthals, Bobbie Anner-Hughes, Sharon Ille, Kurt Kochner, Joe McClure, Sharon Peterson, Melanie Schwarz, Joanne Sheridan, Kurt Toenjes

10/19/09 John Pollock with recently completed kite, “The Caretaker of the Legend Taking on the Role of the Raven.”

10/05/09 A student talks with a representative of PPL Montana at the 2008 TechExpo event at the MSU Billings College of Technology. This year’s event is set for Tuesday, Oct. 27 at the COT. It is free and open to the public.

9/28/09 Dorothea Cromley, left, professor of music at Montana State University Billings, has been working with Jason Suchan since he arrived at the university as a freshman out of Billings West High School in 2005. On Oct. 10, Suchan will be the featured piano soloist at the “Bright Lights & Rising Stars” concert presented by the Billings Symphony Orchestra.

9/24/09 Katie Ellis, MSU Billings piano performance student

9/16/09 Mike DeStefano

9/09/09 Some the artwork in the 2009 Young Montana Artists’ Travelling Art Show

9/4/09 Dr. Ron Sexton, Chancellor of MSU Billings, left, and John Cech, dean of the university’s College of Technology, were on hand Thursday to take officially take possession of a $400,000 Caterpillar road grader; Career Center students with equipment

8/24/09 Ceramic art created by Lea Zoltowski, a clay artist and assistant professor of ceramics at MSU Billings

7/30/09 MSU Billings student Mike Walker making his presentation to city of Billings officials; City Manager Tina Volek and Fire Chief Paul Dextras

7/27/09 Former U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns, left, presented a donation to Montana State University Billings Chancellor Ron Sexton on Friday, July 24

7/24/09 Dr. Terry Blackwell; Ashley Waldmann

7/22/09 Dr. Gary Young, Dean, College of Business, MSU Billings

7/13/09 Steve Shoen (right) and Dr. Stuart Snyder with an neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Nd:YAG) laser.  Shoen is spending the summer doing work rebuilding the laser.

7/10/09 Don Trentham, coach of the MSU Billings women’s soccer team, talking with members of the Magic City European Soccer Tour earlier this week.

7/06/09 Summerfest participants play the dueling game, July 2008.

7/06/09 Ben Steele and one of his paintings

6/29/09 Tayna Flanagan, Director, Athletic Training Program at MSUB

6/18/09 Dr. Cheryl Young has maintained certification in applied behavior analysis since 1988

5/21/09 John Halligan

5/13/09 Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, assistant professor of philosophy at MSU Billings

5/12/09 MSU Billings students Karis Jackson, left, and Mary Alice Walker show some of the T-shirt designs they developed for the American Indian Business Leaders business plan competition this spring.

5/12/09 Curtis Wallette

4/06/09 Rob Barnosky shakes hands with Gov. Brian Schweitzer after being named next student representative to the Montana Board of Regents on Tuesday.

4/28/09 Kerry Lou Vowell, Golden Merit winner

4/28/09 Tim Cahill, an award-winning adventure and travel writer from the Livingston area

4/28/09 Lauren Gunderson and Megan Levis of Billings Central stand by their winning research project.

4/27/09 Rob Barnosky

4/27/09 Norma Ashby, longtime broadcast journalist

4/24/09 Vern Gagnon, automotive technology instructor at the MSU Billings College of Technology stands with student Miles Waltner with the new alternative fuel car at the COT. Waltner, from Dillon, won first place in a statewide skills competition.

4/24/09 MSU Billings COT diesel instructor Pete Bushman, foreground, stands with winning diesel technology students Josh Keller, left, and Matt Norgaard.

4/23/09 Codie Wahrman, Student Employee of the Year for Montana

4/22/09 Kara Dornish, book buyer for Jackets and Company, stands with student Kelsey Brown; Becky Webber from Big Brothers and Sisters; student Claire Slagel; and Dennis Rea from Jackets and Company.

4/22/09 Kara Dornish, book buyer for Jackets and Company, stands with students Codie Wahrman and Jackie Alisch; Heidi Wittmayer and Laurie Maddock from Tumbleweed; and Dennis Rea from Jackets and Company.

4/22/09 Kara Dornish, book buyer for Jackets and Company, stands with students Jen Wesen, Darcy Mohar and Jennifer Johnson; Debra Dusenbury from Habitat for Humanity; and Dennis Rea from Jackets and Company.

4/21/09 Chairsty on screen: Chairsty Stewart, an academic support specialist at MSU Billings, demonstrates how the new online math tutoring process works. A tutor write out math problems and answer questions for as many as 15 students at a time during a tutoring session.

4/21/09 Tutoring crew: Academic Support Center specialists who assist students with the new online math tutoring are, clockwise from top, Andrea Payne, Vivian Zabrocki, ASC Director Gwen Braun, Chairsty Stewart and Leanne Frost.

4/20/09 A collaborative project by artists and writers

4/20/09 Dr. Tasneem Khaleel

4/09/09 Dr. Joy Honea, assistant professor of sociology at MSU Billings

4/08/09 Chefs and culinary students who will be competing in one of the Wine and Food Festival events this year

4/07/09 MSU Billings student interns: Art Rensvold, Erica Helvik, Nicole Salsbery, Shawn Conrad

4/06/09 Easter egg hunt on the MSUB main campus

4/03/09 Placing one blue plastic bin at a time, leaders from the Associated Students of Montana State University Billings and members of the Environmental Awareness Club demonstrated that students are actively interested in making a difference at the university.

3/30/09 Cover graphic for "Blackfoot Confederacy -- Setting the Record Straight

3/27/09 Kyle Knight, College of Business Executive in Residence

3/26/09 MSUB Alumni Award Recipients: Lisa Reid Perry, Mark W. Thompson, Edward F. Parisian, Greg A. Krueger, Judge Susan P. Watters, Lloyd D. Mickelson, Darryl Rensmon

3/23/09 Ashlee Young, award-winning senior piano performance student

3/16/09 Faculty Excellence Honorees: Dr. Lisa Kemmerer | Mr. Brian Gurney | Ms. Melinda Tilton, Mr. Tim Urbaniak | Ms. Dorothea Cromley | Dr. Sarah Keller, Dr. Ken Miller

3/09/09 Photo of hay rake by Dr. David Garloff

2/19/09 Business class at MSU Billings

2/16/09 Bob Schultz, College of Business student

2/16/09 Ashlee Young, MSUB Senior music major

2/06/09 Dr. Bruce H. Carpenter, former president of Eastern Montana College

2/02/09 Sarah Panzau, speaker at MSUB event

1/30/09 Girls experimenting with science at last year's "Chicks in Science" event

1/16/09 Dr. David Garloff, Dean, College of Allied Health Professions

1/12/09 Large-scale Drawing

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