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2013 News Release Photos

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1) Classic Design Homes owner and Eastern Montana College Alumni Mark Dawson (left) and Doug Wild, general manager of Classic Design Homes, discuss the blueprint drawing of a 2,658
square-foot home being built by five City College students enrolled in the Construction Technology-Carpentry; 2) Carpentry Construction Class; 3) Brady Henderson

12/09/13 Kurt Laudicina

12/06/13 Dr. Stacy Klippenstein at the podium; Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Stacy Klippenstein, left, recognizes College of Education.

student, Cindy Staffanson, as a finalist for the 2013 Golden Merit Award.

12/06/13 1) Tracy Thormahlen; 2) Thormahlen, along with MSUB students Julie Swanson, Scott Atkinson, Phillip Shelton and Cody Thormahlen; 3) Instructor Bruce Brumley

11/25/13 Devin Kennedy

11/25/13 Rachel Kathleen Weitz

11/21/13 Kristy Dallas

11/06/13 Navy veteran Alisha Padgett and project manager Ron Huck for veteran's lounge

10/08/13 Rachel B. Abrams, Allowable Residues, cast recycled paper & plastic, dimensions vary, 2013; Rachel B. Abrams, untitled (allowable residues IX), ink, paraffin on layered Vellum, 7.375 x 5.75", 2013; Rachel B. Abrams, frustrules, foam and wire, dimensions vary, 2010–2013

09/25/13 MSUB Students

09/25/13 Emily Prouty

08/27/13 Let’s Talk Miles City poster

08/23/13 Sarah Knobel, untitled, digital video still, 2013; Sarah Knobel, Icescape 1, digital photograph, 20 x 30”, 2013

06/28/13 Dr. Peter Gerhardt. Gerhardt

06/27/13 Harold S. “Shorty” Alterowitz

06/21/13 Mr. Kevin Nemeth

05/13/13 Chancellor Rolf Groseth and new MSUB Athletics Director Krista Montague

05/01/13 Harvey Munford | Commencement 2012 | Commencement 2012

04/08/13 A science experiment draws a crowd during ‘Chicks in Science’ 2012.

04/08/13 Rachel Kathleen Weitz

04/05/13 Marshall Pluhar, second from the left, will present his senior recital next week.  He will be accompanied by his colleagues, from left to right  Kelly Deiling, Charli Mader, Sandi Rabas, Gavin Askin and Rachel Kathleen Weitz

04/04/12 Tim Cahill

04/04/13 Reagan Saulsbury

04/01/13 Photos from MSU Billings' 2012 Powwow: Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3 | Photo 4

03/30/13 Juried Student Art Exhibition: Bear the Weight of Time by Amanda Losness, The Old Man by Jesse R. Burns, Inspiration by Patrick Mueller, Untitled by Emma Berry

03/28/13 Devin Kennedy

03/27/13 Resident Ceramic Artists poster

03/25/13 Easter Egg Hunt photos: photo 1 | photo 2

03/21/13 Brad Knutson

03/20/13 Music faculty Mark Fenderson, left, Luke Kestner, and Doug Nagal take a break from rehearsal to pose for a photo with accompanying pianist Sandi Rabas.

03/18/13 Photo from last year's International Food Fair on the MSUB University campus

03/14/13 Tia Robinette | Patrick Mueller | Matthew Wallila | Robert Hutchinson | Jin Hyung Lee (“Bobby”) | group photo

03/01/13 Outstanding Alumni: Bobby Anner-Hughes | Jeremy Vannatta | Sue Schuld | Laurentiu Istrate | Kathy Kotecki

03/01/13 02/27/13 Corey Lovec | Gov. Bullock with Corey and other students and faculty

03/01/13 Scattered Roots by Tina LaMour and O. Gustavo Plascencia

02/25/13 Visiting ceramic artist George McCauley | McCauley ceramic pieces

02/22/13 Eileen Wright showing the book display at the exhibit; Saudi Club President, Saud Alhrbi

02/07/13 Visitors talk with a  local business representative at a previous Career Fitness Fair held at MSU Billings.

01/24/13 Dan Carter announces graduates at the 2009 MSU Billings commencement ceremony

01/23/13 Jason McGimpsey

01/23/13 Russell Rowland; Danell Jones

01/18/13 Emily Walker

01/18/13 Keith Yoder

01/15/13 Eran Thompson, a member of the Not In Our Town organization; an MSUB student rings the bell last year

01/10/13 Quilts made by MSU Billings faculty, staff and students as well as some Billings community members: photo 1 | photo 2

01/10/13 Samanth Hamburg

01/09/13 Blue Abstraction by Corey Drieth; Radha, a Gouache/Aquarel/Wood piece of art that was done by the artist in 2011

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