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Fall 2012 Schedule

All Activities are FREE! 

ETS students call 657-2116 to sign-up. | UB students call 657-2180 to sign-up.

Special Sessions for Juniors & Seniors

Note:  We are offering most of the Junior/Senior sessions twice this year to give students and parents more opportunity to attend.  If you can’t make it to one of the sessions, hopefully you can take part in the other.

Parents of Seniors that attend one of the September sessions AND one of the January sessions, could win a $250 Scholarship for their Senior!

Special Sessions for Grade Levels 7th-12  

See All Dates Below

Note:  If you call to sign-up for an activity and find that you are unable to attend, please call the UB or ETS Office to let us know.  Some of the workshops are capped and we have  a waitlist of other students that we can fill the spot with. 

9/18/12   Tuesday                              Time:  8:30am-11:30am                     Place: MSU-B Alterowitz Gym

Seniors ONLY - College Fair:  Seniors may sign-up for this event at their high school in the Counseling Center.  You will be excused  for the morning to go gather information from various colleges throughout the United States.  This is a really important event to attend at the start of your senior year.  You will also be registered for a scholarship drawing by signing up.  See your counseling office for more information.  UB/ETS advisors will be at the event to help answer questions and make sure you are getting all the applications and info necessary. 

9/18/12    Tuesday                                 Time:  6:30pm-8pm                            Place:  MSU-B Student Union 

Seniors & Parents - College Planning & Senior Timeline Meeting:  This meeting will be a college timeline and checklist for the year.  There are many important college dates and deadlines during the senior year.  You will also hear about some extra UB/ETS scholarship opportunities. 

Juniors & Parents- Junior Year College Timeline:  Juniors have an important year ahead.  There are many things students need to know about such as the ACT/SAT.  Don’t miss out on this important planning meeting. 

9/22/12    Saturday                                   Time:  9am-10:30am                               Place:  MSU-B Student Union

Duplicate of 9/18/12 for those who are unable to attend on Tuesday, September 18th.

9/22/12    Saturday                             Time:  9am-12pm                                Place:  Meet at ZooMT-2100 Shiloh Rd.

 ZooMontana– All grades may come learn about Biology or Zoology careers, do a hands-on science project pertaining to the animals, and participate in a service project.  The workshop is great for students interested in   science or working with animals someday.   Please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. 

Cap:  30 students

10/16/12   Tuesday                                  Time: 6:30pm-8pm                     Place:  MSU-B Student Union  

Seniors– Scholarship Workshop:  You don’t want to miss this workshop.  We will show what types of scholarships are out there, where to look, and help you get started on the hardest part, WRITING THE ESSAY.   

Juniors & Parents - College Selection:  It’s time to narrow down your college choices.  We will help you figure out what’s important when selecting possible colleges and solidify those options so you are ready for your senior year.   Parents are welcome to attend.  

10/18/12   Thursday                     Time: 1:30pm-5pm           Place:  MSU-B Student Union Beartooth Room  

 Moss Mansion Decorating– Volunteering not only makes you feel great, but it looks great on your academic  resume.   Join us in making Christmas ornaments that will be displayed at the Moss Mansion.  A tree decorating date for the Moss will be announced the day of the workshop.    

10/19/12   Friday                                  Time: 6:30am-5:30pm                 Place:  Meet at Cisel Hall Parking lot    

 Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors– MSU (Bozeman) Friday– We will spend the day on the Bozeman campus exploring all it has to offer.  Come see if this campus might be a good fit for you.   You can tour campus, sit in on a class, explore your  academic interest, go to a student panel, or many other activities.  Please call the office to sign-up by 10/8/12.   Lunch will be provided. 

10/19/12   Friday                                 Time: 8:45am-12:30pm                        Place:  COE 330   

 8th & 9th Grades ONLY– EXPLORE Test—This is  a precursor for your College ACT Test.  This will give us an idea of how you will score on the ACT Test.  It also provides valuable career information.  You don’t want to miss out on this test.  It’s a great way to start prepping for your ACT early. 

Please be on time because the test will take the full time.  Snacks and refreshments will be served!

10/20/12   Saturday                                Time: 9am-10:30am                        Place:  MSU-B Student Union  

 Duplicate of 10/16/12 for those who are unable to attend on Tuesday, October 16th.

11/13/12   Tuesday                               Time: 6:30pm-8pm                        Place:  MSU-B Student Union   

Seniors– Scholarship Follow-up:  Return to continue working on your scholarship essays.     

Juniors - Scholarship Workshop:  We will begin to put together your college resume for scholarships and begin the scholarship search process.  

11/17/12   Saturday                               Time: 9am-10:30am                           Place:  MSU-B Student Union   

Duplicate of 11/13/12 for those who are unable to attend Tuesday, November 13th. 

11/17/12   Saturday                              Time: 9am-12pm                           Place:  MSU-B Student Union  

CSI– All grades may come check out this fun workshop.  Come learn about what it really means to be a crime scene investigator.  Do you like science?  This is important for this career.  We will do a hands on project and learn about different careers in crime scene investigation. 

Cap:  25 students    

11/17/12   Saturday                              Time: To Be Announced                    Place:  To Be Announced  

 FLAKESGIVING Service Project– Come help give out prepared boxed meals for the Thanksgiving holiday to those in need.  Dress for the weather! 

12/15/12   Saturday                             Time: 9am-12pm                               Place:  MSU-B Student Union   

UB/ETS Holiday Party- All grades are invited to come celebrate the holidays.  We will play games, have holiday snacks, and make holiday cards for the residents at St. John’s Nursing Home.  If you’d like to bring a new stuffed animal to donate to the residents as well, please do so.     

12/?/12   Toys for Tots Dates are To Be Announced          Time: TBA             Place:  TBA

Come help make Christmas special for those in need.  We will sort and pick out toys for families.  This is another great service project to add to your college resume.  

01/15/13   Tuesday                                  Time: 6:30pm-8pm                       Place:  MSU-B Student Union   

Seniors & Parents– FAFSA Workshop:  IMPORTANT WORKSHOP!!  Come learn about the financial aid process and how to get money for college.  We will have an expert from the Student Assistance Foundation  break it down and answer questions.    

Juniors - ACT Prep Workshop: Come get ready for your college tests and take advantage of some important  prepping information.   

01/19/13   Saturday                                  Time: 9am-10:30am                       Place:  MSU-B Student Union

Duplicate of 1/15/13 for those who are unable to attend Tuesday, January 15th. 

01/19/13   Saturday                                Time: 9am-12pm                              Place:  MSU-B Student Union    

Architecture with CTA- All grades that are interested in careers like drafting, interior design, landscape, and  architecture need to check out this hands-on workshop.  If you like math and science, this is another way to see how it pertains to these jobs. 

Cap:  25 


ACT Dates

Test Date                                    Registration Deadline                     Late Registration

September 8, 2012                 August 17, 2012                              August 18-24, 201

October 27, 2012                       September 21, 2012                September 22-Oct.5 2012 

  December 8, 2012                   November 2, 2012                 November 3-16, 2012














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