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Setting Up A Student Website

See Also: Student Web Policy | Instructions for Students

As a currently registered student you now have the option of getting 5 MB of web space on the student web server. This service is free to registered MSU Billings students. When a student graduates, the account will be deactivated after a certain period of time.

How do I get started?

  • Read this informationabout your student computer account, which is also used for e-mail and login to various computer services on campus. Your account basically consists of a user name and password and is automatically generated for you. If you are unsure about your account information, please call the Help Desk at 247-5755 during campus business hours.

  • If you already know your account information, please contact the student help desk at 247-5755 or e-mail

Certain policies govern the use of student computing facilities at MSU Billings. You must confirm that you have read and understood these policies before you can get your account. Here are links to the relevant policies for your convenience:

How do I transfer my web site to the web server?

The student web server currently supports publishing with FTP or with the FrontPage server extensions. To ask for help with the file transfer process, just contact the student help desk at 247-5755 or

What programs do I need to create web pages?

There are several software tools available for creating web pages. The MSU Billings campus uses and supports Microsoft FrontPage. You may view and use the tutorials located on our main campus web site at:

How can I learn to create web pages?

You are welcome to view and use the tutorials located on our main campus web site at: Or, ask for help in the COE 158 computer/multimedia lab.

If you are doing a web project for a class and have questions about making it work, please contact your instructor for assistance first, unless it is a problem with publishing your pages to the server. Thank you.

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