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Currently-Active Student Organizations

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The following list of student organizations are registered as active organizations with MSU Billings. The status of an organization may change during the course of a year. New student organizations also form throughout the year. Please check with the Student Union & Activities Office if a question arises regarding a particular group. For more information on student organization chartering and annual registration procedures, see Student Affairs Policies & Procedures Handbook, section, Part V.


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Academic & Honorary
Academic & Honorary organizations serve as communities for students to explore issues, events, and/or skills related to a particular academic field or area of interest. Students do not need to be enrolled in that major to be members of these organizations.


Accounting Club
To provide students with the opportunity to strengthen their skills in communications, leadership, marketing, and management, to enable them to bridge the gap between academic skills and professional skills.


American Indian Business Leaders
To increase American Indian representation in business through leadership development opportunities.


City College Nursing Club
To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care; To provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students; To aid in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life; To promote a positive image of nursing practice; To have direct input into standards of nursing education and influence the education process; To influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities as appropriate; To promote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities toward improved health care and the resolution of related social issues; To represent nursing students to the consumer, to institutions, and other organizations; To promote and encourage recruitment efforts, participation in student activities, and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, or economic status; To promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health related organizations; Plan and implement the nursing pinning ceremony each semester.


City College Microprocessor Club
To extend students knowledge on the functional and programmatic requirements needed to develop a functional system with a basic 8 bit microprocessor.


College of Business Student Advisory Board
The purpose of the STUDENT ADVISORY BOARD shall be to (a) keep the College of Business and its programs closely attuned to the needs of current and future students in the State of Montana and the Northwest Region, and (b) assist in ensuring that the programs and activities of the College of Business are productive and of high quality.


Engineering Society
To create a medium for engineering students to interact with other Students, Professionals, and Volunteer opportunities.


Gender Studies Club

Winner of the 2014 – 2015 Outstanding Academic Student Organization!

 Gender Studies Club aims to promote awareness about issues related to gender, sexuality, equality and social justice. We cultivate an inclusive environment for meaningful discussion. We organize campus activities, including films, discussions, lunches and presentations about the “Bad Ass Person of the World!”  or



To encourage and promote the appreciation of history for history and non-history majors. Contact history professor for more information.


Outdoor Adventure Leadership
To promote the Outdoor Adventure Leadership program at Montana State University Billings and all of the students involved in it through: networking with outdoor organizations, learning about new gear and its uses, discussing news in the outdoors community, and getting the students of MSUB excited and involved in outdoor recreation.


Phi Alpha Theta (History Club)
We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.


Phi Theta Kappa
Promotion of Scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of City College


Pi Sigma Alpha
To stimulate an interest in the field of political science and to promote civil dialog in matters pertaining to political science, government, and international and public affairs among the students at Montana State University Billings.


Pre Health Professionals Club
This clubs purpose is to serve as a resource to its members and MSUB’s student population regarding current health information and pre-med concerns; to provide outreach to the Billings health community, to provide academic support to its members and to those interested in the Health Sciences; to welcome and facilitate the presentation of health and pre-medical information by guest speakers at MSUB, and to fulfill its stated goals and abide by the policies of Montana State University Billings.


Psi Chi Honor Society (Psychology Club)
Spread psychological awareness throughout campus and the community.


Science Club
Science Club strives to enrich the youth of our community with a strong science background!


Sigma Tau Delta
To promote the love of literature, language, and writing in all of their forms


A career and technical organization serving students in technical programs.


Sociology & Criminal Justice Club (SCRIM)
To promote active interest in both the Criminal Justice and Sociology fields of study. Also to provide guidance to the underclassmen who have chosen Criminal Justice and Sociology as their Field or Fields.



The MSUB STEM Club’s purpose is to not only bring STEM to the campus, but to foster and ensure STEM is encouraged and taught to the community. The MSUB STEM Club will bring STEM to everyone in Billings and the surrounding area. We will encourage students of all ages, gender, nationality, education, and religion to see the importance of STEM in the world. We will provide a place for these people to come together as a community. We will also provide a place where STEM students can come for help in classes and mentor-ship. You can contact our advisor, for more information.


Arts & Media
Arts & Media organizations provide opportunities for students to gain exposure to the performing and media arts including music, theatre, dance, print, and radio.


Art Students League
Art Students’ League strives to bring art to the community of MSUB and the community of Billings.


Buzz Tones Acapella Group
The club's purpose is to provide students with a unique place to express their love of music both orally and instrumentally.


City College Connection
“City College Connection” is a student newsletter dedicated to highlighting the students, faculty, staff, offices, and events at City College.


As members of the Montana State University Vocal Department, we believe that by working together we can fulfill our overall objective of raising money for the MSUB vocal department and offering students both on and off campus opportunities to participate. We will accomplish this through partnering with other organizations on and off campus to provide educational outreach, awareness, and opportunities for involvement in singing, leadership, and fundraising events.


Drama Committee
Our club's mission is to have a safe space for students to express themselves, create and spread our anti-bullying campaign. We also strive to provide a theater experience to the college and community members through performances, volunteering, and including whomever wants to participate.


National Association for Music Education Collegiate
We are a group of future music educators committed to learning more about our craft.


Percussion Club

Percussion Club's mission is to provide students the opportunity to perform on a variety of percussion instruments in different styles. Contact percussion educator for more information.


Potters Guild
This is a student and Community member group. We do sales, service projects in the community, workshops on campus and at the Red Lodge Clay Center and an annual trip to NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) We are built around creating an ceramic community in Billings Montana.


The Rook
The Rook's purpose is to encourage the submission of prose, poetry, and art work from MSU students and former alumni for purposes of publishing an edited collection into a literary journal magazine each year.


Yellowjacket Jazz
To promote jazz education and enthusiasm in Montana.


Campus & Support Services
Campus & Support Services organizations provide service to the campus and/or community and surrounding area. These groups offer safe communities for students that need help navigating the campus at MSUB.


Gender Studies Club
To increase awareness of gender studies issues, present opportunities for broad discussions, and foster a diverse sense of community on the MSUB Campus.


Jacket Student Ambassadors
The intent of our group is to provide leadership opportunities for Montana State University Billings students connect to the campus through them. The purpose of the organization is to provide leadership opportunities for Montana State University - Billings’ students and to have available students to help tour and recruit prospective students. Current students will provide a service to prospective students by giving tours, assisting with designated programs, helping acclimate new students to Montana State University - Billings, and sharing with prospective students their own perspective in college.


OUT at MSU Billings

By forming this group we intend to provide a safe place where LGBTQA and allies can come together to promote awareness and education on campus and the larger community.


Path Less Traveled Recovery Group
12 step program. Helping other addict/alcoholics to achieve sobriety.


ROTC Cadet Corps
The Army’s Reserve Officers’ Training Course, or ROTC, is the largest officer-producing organization within the American military, having commissioned more than half a million second lieutenants since its inception. The ROTC program exists to recruit and train quality officers into the Regular Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard while allowing these student-leaders to still enjoy their college experience.


Student United Way
To provide a volunteer group that provides the campus and community with service in the areas of Education, Income, and Health.


Students Advocating Personal Healing & Empowerment (SAPHE)
SAPHE (Students Advocating Personal Healing and Empowerment) is actively committed to reducing and eradicating the incidences of sexual violence and eliminating the root causes that lead to sexual violence, as well as providing appropriate support to victims and survivors when an act of sexual violence does occur. SAPHE works to achieve this through the following: Help empower survivors of sexual violence by providing choices and decision-making opportunities; Strive to create a campus climate that is free from oppression and gender biases through education and primary prevention; Provide a safe, confidential place on campus for survivors of sexual violence, offering support, advocacy, and resources.


TRIO Advocates
To strengthen and broaden the experience of TRIO participants and TRIO eligible students and advocate on their behalf on campus and within the community.


Uniquely Diverse
Help bring awareness to disabilities on campus.


Veterans Services Club
To assist veterans and their dependents in maximizing their potential and achieving academic excellence.


Departmentally or Student Fee Funded
Departmentally and student fee funded organizations have a significant relationship with a university unit. These organizations must have a mission that is consistent with the missions of the University and sponsoring unit. Organizations in this category receive the majority of funds from sponsoring departments and/or student senate.


ASMSUB Student Senate
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The Associated Students of Montana State University Billings, as a committed organization, will provide professionalism and leadership to fulfill student needs and will do our best to make noticeable differences on our campus for the students of MSU Billings.


Health Educators Reaching Out Encouraging Success HEROES
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HEROES, joins the Bacchus peer education network in order to provide primary prevention efforts to help alleviate the problem of alcohol misuse and abuse on campus; to promote responsible decisions about drinking within the campus community; to help educate and inform students, faculty, administrators, and staff about health issues that affect the campus community; Including: alcohol use, abuse and misuse, AIDS, Tobacco awareness/cessation, fitness/nutrition and sexual health; to increase awareness communication within the academic community regarding health-related matters of college students.


Northcutt Steele Gallery
The Northcutt Steele gallery is open to the public from 8-4 weekdays while school is in session with the exception of summer semester and as such serves as a conduit between the university and the community. It also serves as a place for education and respite for the busy students, Faculty and staff of MSU Billings.


Residence Hall Association
Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves all of the residence hall students in both Petro and Rimrock Hall. RHA’s main focus is social and educational programming for residents, providing ample opportunities for interaction and involvement.


The Retort
"The voice of Montana State University Billings"


Student Activities Board
Our organization strives to provide a variety of quality entertainment free to all students of MSU Billings.


Student Athlete Advisory Council
The purpose of the MSUB SAAC is to be the bridge between the student-athletes and the entire MSUB Community; and to advise and provide input to the Athletics administrative staff into the operation of the Yellowjacket Athletics program. NCAA Division II Bylaw 2.2.6 states, “It is the responsibility of each member institution to involve student-athletes in matters that affect their lives.” Involvement in the SAAC helps us implement this principle.


Diversity, Culture & Religious
Diversity, Culture & Religious organizations provide an opportunity to increase campus understanding of a specific nation, culture, and/or religion(s), provide students with an avenue to explore and celebrate their own identities, and provide programs and services designed to support students of various cultural heritages and religions at the University.


Black Student Union
Our goal is to express black culture and values to everyone. As an organization that fosters student development through diversity, academics, community services and social services. BSU is committed to take a proactive role in the development of strong student leadership.


Chi Alpha
We reconcile students to Christ, equipping them through Spirit-filled communities of prayer, worship, fellowship, discipleship and mission to transform the university, the marketplace and the world.


International Studies Club
To bring different cultures, languages, and people together in order to build relationships between international students and non-international students.


Inter-Tribal Indian Club
The purpose of this club shall be: to assist American Indian students and non-American Indian students, to educate the surrounding communities about American Indian culture, and to preserve that culture within an academic institution among all students.


Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
To lead others to personal faith in Christ as Lord and Savior; to help Christians grow toward maturity as disciples of Christ, by study of the Bible, by prayer, and by Christian Fellowship; and to present the call of God to the world mission of the Church; to help students and faculty to discover God’s role for them.


Saudi Club
Helping the Saudi students in and out campus


United Campus Ministry at MSUB

United Campus Ministry strives to provide opportunities that help persons explore their faith, ask questions, work for justice, connect with God and enjoy Christian community!


Recreation, Special Interest, & Hobby
Recreation, Special Interest & Hobby organizations provide opportunities for students to discuss and share information about specific topics and common interests not covered in any other category. They may also provide opportunities for participation in recreational and/or competitive sports.


Belly Dance Club
To provide MSUB students who have an interest in belly dancing the opportunity to participate and practice together as a club. As well as learn from each other and provide the community with the understanding of the art of belly dance.


Dance Club
To teach any MSU Billings student ball room dancing, line dancing, or other dances of interest.


Dungeons & Dragons Club
The mission/purpose of The Dungeons and Dragons Club is to play RPG Table Top Games (typically Dungeons and Dragons) undisturbed by third parties.


Environmental Awareness Club
The Environmental Awareness Club at Montana State University in Billings is a student organization committed to improving the environment.


French club

It is our mission to unite students of all ethnicities who express an interest for French culture or language.


IHSA Equestrian Team
To promote intercollegiate horse show as an organized and standard sport; To promote interest, understanding, appreciation and vigilance over the horse show community as well as our equine partners; To establish and maintain standards for conducting intercollegiate horse shows competition; To encourage humane treatment of the horses and police the sport of horse show for any abuses from club members; To sponsor activities that will help club members with expenses affiliated with horse shows; To increase and maintain interest of college student and community members in horse shows; To foster good relations with the equine community in Billings, Montana.


Investment Club

To provide students with an opportunity to apply modern finance theory to investment decisions involving actual market transactions.


MSU Billings College Democrats

 The Democratic Students of Montana State University Billings dedicate ourselves to promote, encourage, and develop participation of young Americans in the political process and the Democratic party. As students, we call for action based on the principals of liberty and justice for all and to give a voice to the silenced youth of America. As Democrats, we pledge to advance the positive change carrying agenda of the Democratic party and bring our unique perspectives and experiences from every walk of life to mold the future of the party in an ideal image. And as citizens of today and leaders of tomorrow, we shall strive to shape the future of our communities, our state, and our country by fighting for equality and justice not only when it is easy but all the time and for all people. In this mission we call for participation from all regardless of race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, handicap, or economic standing.

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Philosophy Club
To meet and discuss/disseminate philosophical information.



Rodeo will provide an opportunity for MSUB Students to continue their passion for Rodeo or give the chance for students to learn about the sport. Contact our advisor, for more information.


Ski & Snowboard Club
Our mission is to help students who have never been skiing or snowboarding to have access and support from their peers to get out and try the sport. We also want to provide cheaper tickets, transportation, and events for our club members and the whole student body.


Tennis Club
This is a way for all of the MSUB students who are interested in tennis to be able to play. This is for players of all skill levels.


The Swarm

Supporting Yellowjacket athletics. Contact for more information.


Young Americans For Liberty
Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the largest, most active, and fastest-growing pro-liberty organization on America's college campuses. With more than 600 YAL chapters and 204,000 youth activists nationwide, YAL seeks to identify, educate, train, and mobilize young people committed to winning on principle.