Student Life

Student Organizations

General Information

You are encouraged to get involved in at least one student organization during your collegiate career. For information regarding participation in a student organization, contact the Student Union & Activities Office, Room 219 in the Student Union or call (406) 657-2387.


Montana State University Billings currently has approximately 50 active chartered student organizations on campus.


Getting Involved in a Student Organization

Membership eligibility in student organizations is based on interest and in some cases on academic achievement.  Student organization officers must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale in order to hold office.  Students are encouraged to affiliate with at least one student organization during their college career.


Organizations are encouraged to contact you personally regarding membership.

Contact Information

There are two ways to contact an officer or advisor of a particular organization. 

  1. Leave a written message in a student organization mailbox.  Mailboxes for all active student organizations are located in the Student Organization Resource/Work Room, Student Union Room 220.


  3. Contact the Student Union & Activities Office for specific information.  A current computer database is maintained on all active student organizations.  Information for the current academic year is collected from student organizations in September.  Current information is entered into the student organization database as it is submitted by organization officers.

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