Choices Workshop

Students who have been found responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code may be sanctioned to the Choices Workshop. Choices is a 90-minute interactive workshop to provide an educational opportunity for students who participated in situations involving errors in judgment. Students will learn how to recognize common thinking errors that lead to poor decision-making, and how to avoid such errors in the future. Students will also be challenged to think about their personal values, identify behaviors that are not aligned with those values, and learn how to integrate their values into the decision-making process.

The table below shows upcoming workshop sessions with open spaces. If you have not been sanctioned to, but are interested in going through the Choices Workshop contact Jessica Hahne at (406) 657-2157 or

Event Date Location
Choices Workshop Wednesday, March 15th
SUB 134
Choices Workshop Wednesday, April 19th
SUB 134


Insight Seminar

Students who have been found responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code may be sanctioned to the Insight Seminar. Insight is a confidential resource to assist all students who are impacted directly or indirectly by alcohol and/or drug abuse through Student Health Services. Insight is an educational based program consisting of three individual sessions with a Licensed Addiction Counselor. Insight is open to all MSUB students, either by self-referral or by referral from MSUB offices and departments.

If interested in self-referral to or more information about Insight, please contact Jessica Hahne at (406) 657-2157 or

General Counseling

In addition to the Choices and Insight programs, individual counseling for students whose lives have been affected by their own or someone else’s substance abuse are available. Students who voluntarily avail themselves of University services shall be assured that applicable professional standards of confidentiality will be observed.

These counseling services may include:

  • Training professional staff and student staff on drug abuse information, intervention and referral;
  • Conducting education programs for students who have demonstrated abusive behavior with alcohol and/or drugs;
  • Conducting individual and group counseling for members of the university community with alcohol and/or drug problems;
  • Designed and developing referral opportunities for members of the university community who desire to seek professional assistance beyond the campus; and
  • Providing, with peer involvement, a system of intervention and referral services for students. 

For more information on Counseling through Student Health Services, or to make an appointment, call (406) 657-2153.

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