Student Health Services


Campus & Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention


This Coalition is open to any interested student, faculty, staff or community member who is concerned about the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We meet approximately 9 months of the year, generally on the 2nd Wednesday afternoon of that month.


The Campus & Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention is to reduce the amount of substance abuse and associated high-risk behaviors among college students by creating awareness of the negative consequences of substance abuse, and enhancing current substance-free activities available to students.


Past accomplishments of the Coalition include:

Distribution of alcohol and other drug information at Welcome Week events


Collaborate with Mental Health Center to offer National Alcohol Screening Day


Collaborate with the Elks Lodge in providing alcohol and other drug information during Safer Spring Break and National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week events


Distribute Safer Spring Break educational handouts


Provide DUI penalty information/promote the use of designated drivers for National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month (December)


Provide educational opportunities, including Drunk Driving Glasses and the Montana Highway Patrol officers and Alcohol 101 for students to learn more about alcohol and drug abuse information during National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (October)


Design and distribute greeting cards to students turning 21. In these card we include safer drinking information and information on the signs of alcohol poisoning. We also send letters to their parents congratulating them on their child turning 21 and encourage parents to continue to have dialogues with their children regarding alcohol.


We're eager to have you join us!

Darla Tyler-McSherry, Director

(406) 657-2153