*Note: the documents found on this page are DRAFTS, and remain subject to change before finalization.*


The strategic planning process will roughly adhere to the following timeline (subject to change).


Committee objectives and sub-objectives DUE.


Open Forum on core themes, objectives, and sub-objectives. 2:30-3:30pm Petro Theater. Update to OCHE.

04/01 to 04/03/19

Cabinet reviews Strategic Plan objectives and sub-objectives alongside campus feedback to makes final changes.


Final vision, mission, themes, objectives, and sub-objectives due to OCHE for May Board of Regents Agenda.

04/01 to 05/23/19

Subcommittees continue work on sub-objective action plans and metrics.


Final cabinet review of completed Strategic Plan (Mission, Vision, Themes, Objectives, Sub-objectives, Action Plans, and Metrics).

05/22 to 05/23/19

Strategic Plan reviewed by the Board of Regents in Great Falls.


Implementation of final Strategic Plan begins.


Resources and References

The following items are resources for members of the strategic planning committees and are used to inform the process.