Shout Out

The Shout Out Program was established to recognize employees that go the extra mile. Someone who would be eligible for a Shout Out could include someone who spent extra time helping a student or contributed to a special project. Shout Outs are for those who choose to 'be there' for another staff, faculty, or student in the line of work duties. Employees who give a lot to MSUB and demonstrate a great attitude deserve a Shout Out!

Send your Shout Out to

The Shout Out Program is intended to recognize university staff for their hard work throughout the year.  Once a Shout Out nomination is submitted, the employee will receive a Shout Out certificate and be entered in a monthly drawing for free Sodexo lunches.


Staff Senate encourages individual nominations that show how our staff is going above and beyond.  If nominating a group, please provide specific reasons why each person in the group deserves an individual Shout Out.


Anyone can submit a Shout Out nomination by sending an e-mail to Staff Senate at  Please include the name of the staff member, their department along with a few comments about why they deserve a Shout Out.  Staff Senate will send the employee the comments from the person who nominated them.  Employees are eligible to receive 1 free lunch during the fiscal year.  For subsequent nominations, the employee will still receive the Shout Out comments.

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