photo of McDonald Hall on the MSUB university campus
Officers of the Administration


Dr. Dan Edelman - 657-2300

Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Dr. Melinda Arnold, Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Dr.Sue Balter-Reitz , Vice Provost for Academic Affairs - 657-2204

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

Trudy Collins - 657-2155

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (Interim)

Dr. David Buckingham - 657-2307

Dean of Student Engagement

Ms. Kathy Kotecki - 657-1660

Dean, College of Allied Health Professions (interim)

Dr.John Dorr - 896-5841
Dr. Joy Honea, Acting Associate Dean

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Christine Shearer - 657-2177

Dean, College of Business (Interim)

Mr. Ed Garding - 657-2213
Dr. Joy Honea, Acting Associate Dean

Dean, College of Education

Dr. Mary Susan Fishbaugh - 657-2286

Dean, City College

Dr. Vicki Trier - 247-3009

Associate Dean, City College

Dr. Florence Garcia - 247-3010

Director-Extended Campus

Mr. Kevin Nemeth - 896-5871

Director-International Studies & Outreach

Dr. Paul Foster - 657-1705

Director-Library Services

Ms. Darlene Hert - 657-1655

Director-Honors Program

Dr. David Craig - 657-2908


Dr. Sue Balter-Reitz - 657-2214

Chief Information Officer

Dr. Michael Barber - 657-5750

Special Areas

 Academic Success Center

Ms. Rebekah Reger - 657-1714

 Admissions & Records

Dr. Cheri Johannes - 657-2880

Advising & Career Services

Dr. Becky Lyons - 896-5829

Business Services

Ms. Barb Shafer - 657-1710

Campus Store Director

Mr. Ed Brown - 657-1746

Center for Engagement

Kristin Peterman - 657-2209

 Disability Support Services

Ms. Trudy Carey - 657-2283


Dr. Sue Balter-Reitz - 657-2214

Facilities Services

Vacant - 657-2197

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Ms. Emily Williamson - 657-1617

Graduate Studies (Interim)

Dr. Mary Susan Fishbaugh - 896-5841

Grants & Sponsored Programs

Ms. Cindy Bell - 657-2364

Housing & Residential Life

Mr. Aaron Like - 657-2376

Human Resources

Ms. Janet Simon - 657-2278

International Studies

Dr. Paul Foster - 247-5785

Information Technology

Dr. Michael Barber, CIO - 657-5750

MSU Billings ID Cards

Ms. Janice Ouldhouse - 657-2023

Native American Achievement Center

Ms. Reno Charette - 657-2144


Ms. Jackie Ellsbury - 657-1777

Rimrock Hall

Mr. Tyler Bradley - 657-2366

Student Engagement/Associate Dean

Mr. Aaron Like - 657-2376

Student Health Services

Ms. Darla Tyler-McSherry - 657-2153

Student Support Services Director/TRiO

Ms. Laura Gittings-Carlson - 657-1668

University Police

Mr. Denis Otterness - 657-2901

University Relations & Communications

Shannon Lampe Wilcox - 657-2243

Veterans Upward Bound

Ms. Lori Borth - 657-2026

Colleges & Departments

College of Allied Health Professions

Department of Health Care Services

Department of Health & Human Performance

Dr. Suzette Nynas - 657-2351

Department of Rehabilitation & Human Services

Dr. Thomas Dell - 896-5837

College of Arts and Sciences

 Department of Art

Dr. Patricia Vettel-Becker - 657-2980

Department of Biological & Physical Sciences

Dr. Kurt Toenjes -  896-5940

Department of Communication &Theatre

Dr. Sam Boerboom - 657-2962

Department of English, Philosophy & Modern Languages

Dr. Rachel Schaffer - 657-2954

Department of History

Dr. Keith Edgerton - 657-2895

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Mark Jacobson - 657-2203

Department of Music, Co-Chairs

Mr. Mark Fenderson - 657-2042

Mr. Douglas Nagel - 657-2042

Department of Social Sciences & Cultural Studies

Dr. Stephen Eliason -  657-2998          

Department of Psychology

Dr. Matthew McMullen - 657-2248

College of Education

Department of Educational Theory & Practice

Dr. Cindy Dell - 657-2034

Montana Center for Inclusive Education

Dr. Tom Manthey - 657-2085

College of Business

Department of Business Administration

Dr. Salem Boumediene - 657-1605


City College

Administrative Operations Director

Ms. Stacey Teague - 247-3008

Academic Success Center Director (Interim)

Ms. Rebekah Reger -  657-1714

Business , Construction, Energy Technology

Mr. Vern Gagnon - 247-3043

Transportation, Welding & Metal Fabrication

Ms. Kat Pfau - 247-3044

Computer Technology & Drafting-Design

Mr. Craig McKenzie - 247-3080

General Education

Mr. Lance Mouser - 247-3066

Nursing, Health & Public Safety

Mr. Lonnie Schrag - 247-3076

Nursing Director

Ms. Susan Floyd - 247-3073

Student Services Director

Ms. Stephanie Cowen - 247-3005

»» Montana State University Billings 2016-2017 Fact Book

This document provides additional background information as well as an organizational chart developed January 23, 2017.

Additional Information

Montana State University Billings, like most colleges and universities, is organized to provide efficient and effective leadership of the academic programs.  As a member of the part-time faculty, you will work with the following:

A Mentor:  A faculty member from the College and your academic department will be identified as a “mentor” to assist in acclimating you to accepted faculty procedures and processes at Montana State University Billings.  Mentors will share with you agendas and minutes from the College and your academic department.  This mentor might be your department chair or another experienced instructor from your department.

Department Chair: The Chair of the academic department is responsible for the overall quality of the educational program, and is the immediate supervisor.  The Chair is responsible for creating an academic climate in which the part-time faculty member is able to teach and perform well.  (S)He will work closely on all aspects of teaching and will help with administrative functions, payroll, supplies and materials. The Department Chair often reviews faculty syllabi, coordinates workshop/training sessions, and is the “go-to” person for instructors.

Dean:  The Dean is the chief academic officer of the College.  Typically the Dean works directly with the Department Chairs; however, because this is a relatively small University community, the Dean is easily accessible throughout the semester.

Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs:  The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer for the University.  The Provost is responsible for all aspects of the academic programs and is concerned with the quality of teaching on campus.