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Procedure: Electronic Communication Devices and Services

Date: January 2009

References: Electronic Communication Devices; Information Technology Policies




Electronic Communications Device. An electronic communications device (ECD) is a mobile telephone, email appliance, wireless personal digital assistant, or a device combining two or more of those functions. Mobile telephones are broadly construed here to include devices based on CDMA, TDMA, GSM, and PCS digital technologies and follow-ons, as well as satellite telephones.

Adequate Service. An electronic communications device service is adequate when it is sufficiently fast, sufficiently convenient, and sufficiently secure to allow the user to conduct University business in an efficient manner that safeguards the integrity and security of sensitive University information.

Essential personal calls. These are defined as personal calls of minimal duration and frequency that are essential to allowing the employee to continue working and cannot be made at another time or from a different telephone. Examples of essential personal calls are calls to arrange for unscheduled or immediate care of a dependent or a family emergency, or to alert others of an unexpected delay due to a change in work or travel schedule.


Employee Allowance Procedures

This is the default procedure to be used for electronic communication devices assigned to one employee and including both business and personal use.   No further reimbursement for electronic communications device costs is available to employees who receive such an allowance.  Employees who are not eligible for an ECD allowance may submit records of their expenses to be reimbursed for infrequent, business-related use of their personal communication devices. 


Departmental Purchases Procedures

This is the procedure to be used for those users approved to use electronic communication devices accessible to more than one employee or available only for official business use.  MSU-Billings may, in some cases, purchase and own electronic communications devices to be assigned to groups or individuals.  This may be done if and only if the personal use of those devices is strictly limited to essential personal calls (see definition above).  


Temporary Loan

University-owned electronic communications devices may be loaned to employees for temporary use. When traveling on University business, an employee may keep a University device in his or her possession full time but must return it to University property promptly at the end of the travel period.  Personal use of these devices is limited to essential personal calls only.

If you do not fit into these categories or for advice or assistance in determining the appropriate and applicable procedures please contact: Cellular Manager  247-5700,  Email helpdesk@msubillings.edu


Employee Allowance Procedures