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Departmental Purchases Procedures

Departmental purchase of Electronic Communication Devices (ECD) and/or services is the exception. The departmental administrator in consultation with their supervisor will determine the appropriateness of such departmental expenditures. Justification for departmental purchase must be included on the ECD Request and Authorization Form. 



Obtaining Electronic Communication Devices and Services Purchased by the University

  1. Departments must follow the state purchasing policy/procedures.  Cell phones are currently on term contracts with the state.  Employees can check with purchasing for details.
  2. Research the available options for electronic communication devices (ECD) and services including state term contracts.  Questions about available options should be directed to Office of Information Technology at 247-5700.
  3. Once a department decides on the necessary services and/or devices, an ECD Departmental Authorization Form (attached) must be completed by department personnel with authorization from the Dean/Director and applicable Chancellor/Vice Chancellor.
  4. Route the form through the Office of Information Technology.
  5. If the department is also requesting Blackberry/PDA services through the University you must coordinate with Office of Information Technology.
  6. Once services have been established with a vendor, forward a copy of the ECD Departmental Authorization Form to Business Services.  If billing questions arise, Business Services will work with the indicated departmental contact.

Departmental Payment for Electronic Communication Devices/Services

  1. Payments made directly by the University to vendors can be made using a Banner BPA.  University purchasing credit cards may not be used for electronic communication devices or services.
  2. Only official business may be conducted on any University purchased electronic communication device or service.  It is the responsibility of the departmental manager to ensure reimbursement for any personal use of the ECD.  This is to ensure compliance with IRS regulations and state policies.  The reimbursement may be a proration of the monthly fees or a predetermined reimbursement rate.  Reimbursement must occur within thirty (30) days after receipt of the invoice. 
  3. Documentation for payments of ECD shall be supported by an original detailed invoice or statement from the service provider.  The documents must also include support of management’s review, substantiation, detailed use records, and any reimbursement documentation for personal use.  The supervisor and employee must sign off on the monthly statement that all calls have been reviewed and are for business purposes only or have been reimbursed.  This must be attached to the BPA for payment of the vendor bill.
  4. Annually, the departmental administrator must review and renew such expenditures to ensure the electronic devices and/or services are warranted.  The review of availabilities of services may warrant a change in departmental ECD.  Changes to ECD/services must follow Obtaining Electronic Communication Devices and Services Procedures noted above.

Change to Departmental ECD Services

  1. If for any reason the department needs to change, modify or terminate the ECD service contract, the department should work directly with their ECD service provider.  The department will bear the cost of any fees associated with that change.  Payments made directly by the University to vendors can be made via Banner Invoices. 
  2. Business Services and the Office of Information Technology also need to be notified in writing of any changes to the ECD contract.

Departmental Purchase Authorization Form