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Policy: Electronic Communication Devices and Services

Date: January 2009

Introduction and Purpose:
This policy allows the University to meet IRS regulations and its fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of the State of Montana by providing guidelines for the use of electronic communications devices (ECD) for University business purposes.




It is the policy of the University to allow for the purchase or reimbursement of electronic communication devices and/or services for use by employees to conduct official University business.  Electronic communication devices and/or services are defined as cellular phones, personal device assistants (PDA), home internet services, and satellite telephones.

University procurement or reimbursement of such devices and/or services will be authorized ONLY when the job responsibilities require the employee to be accessible at all times. Authorization and approval of such expenditures shall reside with the departmental administrator and applicable Chancellor/Vice Chancellor. Review and renewal of such expenditures must occur annually. Prior to the approval of any request for purchase/reimbursement of electronic devices and/or service payments, the job responsibilities of the individual will be thoroughly reviewed to insure the electronic devices and/or services selected are warranted and will safeguard sensitive University information.

Payment for electronic communication devices and/or services can be made through a taxable allowance to qualified employees or directly by the University.  The allowance process serves as the default method for employee procurement of these devices and services. There may be some cases where exceptions to the allowance method may be made in accordance with the attached procedures.

Provisions must be made with the Office of Information Technology to ensure proper safeguarding and disposal of University data on the ECD device.

The implementation details of this policy are described in the associated policy procedures. Protocol for ECD Approval




Beginning immediately upon the approval of this policy, the University will no longer purchase any new electronic communications devices or service contracts, except for devices to be assigned to groups; nor, with the same exception, will any existing electronic communications device contracts be renewed or extended. In order to avoid cancellation fees and to allow for an orderly transition, anyone currently using a University-owned electronic communications device, acquired prior to the establishment of this policy, may continue to use that device until the expiration date of the contract in place on the effective date of this policy. Thereafter the user must modify his/her usage to comply with the provisions of this policy. If you would like to continue to use your current number as your personal phone number, please contact Information Technology for instructions on how to do so.


Electronic Communication Devices and Services Procedure.