Universal Awards

NOTE: Universal Awards has the MSUB official colors and logo on file.


Placing Your Order




»» Online Order Form


Your order must contain the following information:
  • Your name
  • Department/College name
  • Index number (for the Business Office)
  • format option (see examples below)
  • Type of fastener (all badges come with a magnetic* back unless otherwise indicated; other options are clip or pin)
    • Magnet*
    • Clip
    • Pin

*magnetic badge fasteners must NOT be used if the badge wearer has a heart pacemaker


Name Badge Format Options


Formatted large first name, no last name


Large First Name, No Last Name



Format showing large first name, small last name


Large First Name, Small Last Name



formatted showing first name, last name, title, department


First Name, Last Name (same size)




Fourth line on name badge, pronouns


Optional fourth line: pronouns



Nameplate for desk or door


Be sure to include:

  • Name as it should appear on the nameplate
  • Plate size (the most popular size is 1.5" x 8", next is 2" x 10". If you have a base and just need the plate, please be sure you indicate the size of the base)

»» Online Order Form



Universal Awards will deliver to the Business Office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your order will then be delivered to the mail room for pick up.


If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Brown in University Relations and Communications - 657-2266.