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The Vision, Mission, and Objectives of MUS Wellness constitute our core values. This is who we are! We want to accomplish our Mission and realize our Vision through the execution of our objectives.


Montana University System plan members engaged in the ownership and betterment of their health and well-being in order to maximize quality of life. 


The Mission of the Montana University System Wellness Program is to help our plan members stay healthy, by providing and incentivizing preventive health screenings, healthy lifestyle education and support, and disease prevention/management programs.


What do we mean by stay healthy?

  • Enjoying a High Quality of Life
  • Gaining an Optimal State of Well-Being
  • Holistic Wellness. This includes: Physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, intellectual and occupational health. (Balance!)

What is the Wellness Champion Team?
The Wellness Champion Team is comprised of Montana University System (MUS) faculty and staff who support the mission of the Montana University System Wellness program.  Wellness Champions help create a wellness culture at work by increasing the visibility of the MUS Wellness program and facilitating the opportunity for all employees to take advantage of our health/wellness benefits.  The MUS Wellness Program has undergone recent changes and employees can expect to see many new, fun, state-wide Wellness programs in the coming months.  It’s an exciting time to be involved with the MUS Wellness Program and we will be counting on our Wellness Champion Team to help make these new programs a success!


What is a Wellness Champion?
A Wellness Champion is someone who has a sincere desire to support healthy lifestyle and disease prevention strategies in the workplace. This person has a strong commitment to improving his/her own health and a desire to help others achieve success as well, regardless of where he/she is on the path towards optimal wellbeing.


Want to get involved?

Volunteer to commit 1-2 hours/month for one year (Sept 1st – August 31st).  Wellness Champions may serve additional years if desired.


Volunteer to attend quarterly meetings (may be in person or via telephone conference call) so that you can be empowered with all the necessary information to be a successful MUS Wellness Champion.


Volunteer to assist with coordination of WellCheck events and flu shot clinics on your campus.


Be a Wellness advocate or mentor by promoting Wellness services in your department/building(s), which may include:

  • Encouraging current or new employees to participate in MUS Wellness programs on your campus
  • Promoting Wellness events during staff meetings
  • Promote the utilization of MUS Wellness resources to your co-workers

Contact Bryan Grove for more information!


Wellness Webinar

Want to learn about all these wellness programs you keep hearing about? Click here to listen to a webinar explaining all the different programs.


MSUB Wellness Champions

Feel free to contact any of your MSUB Wellness Champions for more information about wellness programs and educational opportunities!


Trudy Carey


Disability Support Services



Anne Cole
Reading and Writing Instructor
Academic Support Center


Christine Fortune

Academic Advisor

Advising Center




Bryan Grove

College Success Specialist

Advising and Career Services




Tina Hoagland
Coordinator of Service Programs              
MT Center for Inclusive Education 


Aaron Murrish
Assistant Director

Rec Activities


Janna Myers

Web Communications Developer

University Relations




Susan Weinreis

 Financial Aid Specialist

Financial Aid & Scholarships




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