Space Use Committee

Art Sculpture by the LibraryThe efficient use of physical space is a key element in supporting programs of instruction, research and service to the University's constituents, and the successful planning, use, and assignment of campus space requires responsible management. To insure the best interests of the campus and University’s mission, the Space Use Committee exists to examine the use of instructional, research, student, and administrative space and make recommendations to the University.


Recommendations on the allocation of space are the result of consistent and strategic analysis intended to optimize the productive use of this resource, and to advance the missions and strategic priorities of the campus.


Space Use Committee recommendations are driven by the following principles: 

  1. Space is a limited resource of the campus and is not owned by divisions, departments, or current occupants. 

  2. Space recommendations are intended to reflect the strategic academic, research, service,  and outreach priorities established by the campus. 

  3.  Space Use Committee procedures should be transparent and affected programs and individuals should have the opportunity to participate; however, the ultimate responsibility for allocating space at the Montana State University Billings rests with the Chancellor. 

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