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Space Request Report Form Guidelines

If you are considering proposing a change to the use of university space, or are considering a request for new spaces, the university has established a new mechanism by which to make these sorts of requests.  In the fall of 2012, the Provost, at the request of the Chancellor, established the Space Use Committee, a broadly representative body that considers these requests and forwards recommendations to the Chancellor and the Chancellor for final consideration and final decisions. The Space Use Committee (or SUC) has a set of by-laws available on the Space Use Committee’s webpage ( as well as a protocol established for making these space-oriented requests.


The primary mechanism for making space requests is the Space Request Form, also available on the Space Use Committee’s webpage.  Below are step-by-step instructions for completing the form and presenting your request to the SUC.

  1. Access the Space Request Form on the Provost’s webpage.

  2. Complete the form, which identifies the space in question, the intended use of the space, estimated number of users, Information Technology implications, and estimates of costs and identification of funding sources to finance the proposed modification of the space in question. 

  3. Completing the form will require communication and/or collaboration with other departmental or programmatic entities that may have alternative intentions for the space.  It will also require that the proposer acquire a list of signatures, beginning with the proposer, and including the department chair or supervisor, the dean, the building manager (may or may not be a dean), Facilities Services Director, and Chief Information Officer.  Note that the committee considers these signatures as evidence that the various interested and/or affected parties have been consulted and they have reviewed the proposal.  Note: signatures denote a review of the proposal, not necessarily approval.
  1. Once the requisite signatures have been acquired, the proposer then approaches one or both of the co-chairs of the committee (currently Cheri Johannes and Matt Redinger to get the proposal put on the agenda of the next Space Use Committee meeting.  The co-chairs will inform the proposer of the meeting date and invite them to the meeting to speak to the merits of the proposal.
  2. Once the committee has fully considered the proposal and received appropriate testimonial comments from interested parties, the guests will be allowed to leave as the committee considers the proposal and, if possible, arrives at a recommendation to the Chancellor.  If the committee decides that it needs more information to make an informed decision, it will notify the proposer to get the needed information and postpone any recommendation until the committee has considered the additional information.

The Space Use Committee hopes this protocol will allow this representative body make recommendations that are in the best interest of the university as a whole, as we make the most informed and appropriate use of the resources entrusted to us by the people of Montana.


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