Jake Bone, 21

Health & Human Performance
Lockwood, Montana


Jake Bone at MSUB

March 3, 2017

By Blair Koch, University Relations and Communications, 657-2269

Built into the cost of attending Montana State University Billings and City College are key services to help students thrive, like tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Health and Human Performance Major Jake Bone is just one of the students employed by the Academic Support Center.

The 21-year-old assists others with subjects ranging from introductory chemistry, statistics and biology. However, he stresses the position is not as instructor but more as a coach.

In fact, Bone struggled in the subjects he now tutors. The Lockwood, Montana native said reaching out for help was instrumental in overcoming the obstacle.

“It’s preferred that tutors don’t have their stuff together,” he said. “The value of a tutor is that they are able to teach how to learn – not what to learn.”

As a supplemental instructor, Bone attends the same class sessions as other students and sets up times for study groups.


Jake Bone in the classroom

“It’s more relational and I really like that,” he said.

Plus, Bone said the experience as a tutor and supplemental instructor is setting him up for future success.

After graduating from MSU Billings, Bone intends to pursue a Ph.D. in exercise physiology with the goal of being involved in teaching and research, as well as strength coaching on the side.

As a trainer, Bone would be able to join two of his biggest passions.

“I’ve always enjoyed training. I played football for eight years,” he said. “There are fewer things that are more important than imparting knowledge.”

Giving back is important to Bone as well. He said he always wanted an altruistic focus in his life’s work and tutoring peers meets that.

“I’ve found that you find yourself as you give of yourself,” Bone said.

In addition to working at the ASC, Bone stays engaged in two internships, one at the Billings Clinic Sports Specific Training (SST) center and the other through MSUB.