Sarah Gallup, 30

Billings, MT


Sarah Gallup in a lab at MSUB


April 15, 2016

By Blair Koch, University Relations and Communications


Sarah Gallup credits the power of women mentors like Mary Morup, a professional tutor with Student Support Services/TRiO, and biology professor Dr. Tasneem Kahleel, for her success as a biology major at Montana State University Billings.

Gallup is volunteering at Saturday’s Girls-n-Science event, hoping to be that kind of mentor to other young girls, encouraging them to engage in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Just a year ago, Gallup was running the Real McCoy Coffee kiosk in the Heights with years of recovery from alcohol and narcotics addiction under her belt.

Serving lattes and having the opportunity to partner in a successful business alongside her mother made her proud, but she couldn’t shake the feeling of not helping others. Memories of her elementary love of math and curiosity of science kept her mind spinning.

With the knowledge she picked up in Psychology 101, and in particular lessons about brain chemistry, Gallup decided to pursue the field of science at MSUB with an end goal of attending medical school at Pacific Northwestern University in Yakima, Wash.

Along her journey, she stresses the importance of the women mentors and advisors at MSUB, Disabilities Support Services and TRiO, whom she leans on for support.

“And my mom, Ginny, she’s my biggest supporter,” Gallup said.

“Looking back at my early years, when I was so interested in science and math, I would have loved to have had an event like Girls-n-Science to encourage me further to stay more involved,” Gallup said.

Gallup looks forward to volunteering at the annual Girls-n-Science event as a way to be a positive influence for young girls and teens in an interactive environment.

“I think it’s important for them to see all of the amazing things women can and are doing in STEM,” she said. “And I want to give back and be an inspiration.”