Kory working on a project with MSUB students at City College

 Kory Danielson, 19

sustainable energy technician
City College at MSUB
Fairview, MT

 October 26, 2015

 By Cassie Winter, University Relations and Communications

Kori What can you tell me about your project?

 “The intro to sustainable energy class, we get to install a solar panel for the Health and Human Sciences Building. We are going to put in a total of seven panels in and we will be the first ones to try it out here. We hope with the seven solar panels that we put in will help with future electric costs of the building. Right now we’re getting ready to put in the form so we can pour concrete.”

 What do you hope to gain from this class?

 “The degree I am studying for is to be a sustainable energy technician and with that I want to be an electrician. I hope to still be able to use my knowledge in building solar panels as work on the side, but mainly I want to get my apprenticeship as an electrician and work with that. I already have an apprenticeship right now back in Sidney so when I graduate I will be ready to get a job as an electrician.”

 What aspect of the class do you like?

 “I like hands-on-learning a lot better than learning in the classroom setting. I prefer hands-on-learning even if our project right now isn’t even in that stage where we are working with sustainable energy yet–digging the hole, building the base and pouring concert is all part of the project.”

 How were you able to receive the funding needed for this project?

 “This project is possible from a grant we received last year with Northwestern Energy. Derrick MacAskill and Jason McGimpsey from MSUB Facility Services helped put the grant together for us.”

 Before the semester ends, Francisco Saldivar and his intro to sustainable energy class hope to complete their solar panel project for the Health and Human Sciences building at City College.