Thomas Staffileno, alumnus

business management, ‘14
Billings, MT


By Cassie Winter, University Relations and Communications Intern


ThomasFreshly graduated Thomas Staffileno was awarded the 2014 NASPA Region V Undergraduate Student Rising Star award for his service, leadership abilities, involvement in student affairs, and for going above and beyond for his campus.

What was your reaction to this award?

“It was really surprising. I didn’t even know I was nominated. It was a really cool honor that means a lot to my career and professional development because I want to get a master’s degree and work on a college campus. It’s cool to be recognized for the work and involvement I did for NASPA. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had.”

What made you want to work with MSUB as program coordinator right after graduating from here?

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my business management degree. It seemed like an awesome opportunity and it was totally me—being a residence assistant, a service project coordinator and being involved in different student activities. I applied in March, graduated on May 3, and started work on May 5.”

What are your goals?

“I eventually want to get a master’s degree in student affairs and work on a college campus. I don’t specifically know what I want to do yet, but just something where I can work with people, serve people, encourage people and just work closely with students and influence them—help them develop as people.”