Tony Solberg, 22

senior, mass communications
Malta, MT


Feb. 16, 2015


By Cassie Winter, University Relations and Communications Intern


Tony SolbergWhere did you start college and why did you transfer to MSUB?

“I started school at the University of Montana in Missoula where I studied broadcast journalism. I didn’t really care for the campus life, it was too big. I felt like a smaller campus fit me better because I grew up in a small town.”

What were some differences between University of Montana and MSUB that stood out to you?

“The obvious difference is 15,000 students versus 5,000 students. In my normal day, I don’t encounter as many strangers. I was in one of the largest classes they offer in Missoula—475 students in one history class. I felt really disengaged. The professor wasn’t able to answer many questions, I didn’t get involved in the lecture and it was hard to take in the information. Here, I’m more likely to go to class because most of them maybe have 15 students and your professor is going to notice when you’re gone. They make a point in learning students’ names and they care about you. You’re not just a number here.”

On a bigger campus there are more organizations in student life that you have the option to be a part of. But are you more likely to be involved here?

“I am way more involved here than I was in Missoula. There were circles and groups of people who rarely crossed over. Here you see students who are involved in InterVarsity, Student United Way and Senate. I have had the opportunity to make various connections with students, faculty and staff by being involved in organizations and working on campus. MSUB has provided me with good work-study opportunities. I’ve worked with the Information Technology department, Sodexo and I’m currently a Student Union manager.”

What advice would you give students who are thinking of transferring to MSUB?

“MSUB has a great community. Billings is the biggest city in Montana, but the university is still close-knit. I find it easy to get involved in many organizations, work and classes. Everyone seems pretty intentional about relationships and connections throughout the campus. That’s one of my favorite things about going to school here.”