Timothy Cooper sophomore

construction technology
United States Marine Corps, 2009-2013
Bozeman, MT


Timothy CooperBy University Relations and Communications


How would you define yourself?

“I define myself as a patriot, an elk hunter and a Marine with a flare of old soul mentality. I have a zealous attitude towards people who succumb to dogma and defining themselves by things that will make not make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Why was serving our country important to you?

“Serving my country was and remains important because of the sense of purpose I received and hopefully reciprocate. At first, I felt that being a Marine gave me a sense of pride. Now I feel more that it gave me a sense of purpose and feeling of responsibility. I never went and wrapped myself in a flag and paraded around the fact that I was a Marine. It’s more about a responsibility to ensure that others take care of our country and share the mindset that we all have to share the responsibility to stretch the longevity of our rights and values and to adhere to a standard that ensures rights and freedoms for people from all origins, descents, orientation and so on. Everyone should have the freedoms and rights that our country stands for—which is to ensure our coexistence despite our differences.”