Daralynn Bright Wings, 20

freshman, pre-nursing
MSUB Powwow Head Woman Dancer, Crow Tribe
Pryor, MT


March 30, 2015


Daralynn's dancing feet in costume


By Cassie Winter, University Relations and Communications Intern


Darylynn Bright Wings in ceremonial dance costumeWhen did you start dancing?

“I started dancing really young, like when I was a baby. I was probably two years old. I was that little girl that wanted to do everything. My family allowed me to dance and speak in my language, Apsaaloke, and to keep my culture alive. That is also something I want to pass on to my kids someday. Our youth, as of today, don’t really know their culture and language, so it’s become lost. We are trying to bring it back. Our elders still speak it today.”

When did you start competitively dancing?

“Dancing isn’t really all about competitions. I like to think about it as having fun. Competitions are fun too and there are different categories you can compete in. For me, I dance in traditional style and I really want to do women’s fancy shawl. I’m in the process of getting the headgear, headband, and all that. I am more of an active person, and women’s fancy shawl is faster paced.”

Why did you choose to come to MSU Billings?

“I have family who graduated from MSU Billings. Many of them went to be registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. I wanted to follow their footsteps. I’m going to get my Associates of Science degree in nursing and then go for a Bachelor’s of Science degree to go from LPN to an RN. After that I want to go back home and serve my community and work at an IHS (Indian Health Service) clinic or IHS hospital. I also want to be a coach for girl’s basketball. I played all the sports I could growing up.”

What made you interested in nursing?

“Back when I was young, I was really sick one day and my mom took me to the clinic. We waited in line so long at the small IHS clinic in Pryor. They only have one doctor and one or two nurses everyday. We need more doctors and nurses, so that’s what motivated me to help people with their healthcare. I want to make a difference, to take that next big step in life and be the next youth role model in my community.”


Darylynn looking out over the Yellowstone Valley from the Rims