Katrina Brandenburg

practical nursing
Winnemucca, NV


By Cassie Winter, University Relations and Communications Intern


KatrinaWhy did you go into nursing?

“When I was little I wanted to be either a doctor or lawyer, then I realized how much school that was. Nurses are more hands-on with patients. You are more a part of their care, and not just for their physical needs. Nursing is holistic, from mind, body and spirit.”

Tell me more about the holistic side of nursing?

“When we look at a patient, we look at their response to their medical problems and not necessarily the medical diagnosis. So distress, depression and anxiety are concerns that nurses help with.”

What are the challenges of nursing school?

“It is so much more time than I expected. It is like a full-time job and then some. The amount we have to learn in a small amount of time and I have three small children, so it’s been insane.”

What are some key characteristics nurses should possess?

“Having a foundational knowledge in the path of physiology paired with a caring and compassionate attitude towards the patient makes a difference.”

Why did you choose City College?

“Looking back I’m really glad I picked City College because the faculty is wonderful, they’re helpful and they care. That has really made a difference.”

Graduates of the nursing program will be pinned next week during a ceremony. Explain what pinning ceremony entails?

“It is a ceremony where traditionally a nurse who has been in the field awhile, pins you like a symbolic welcome into the nursing profession. Our nursing pinning ceremony we pick the people who are pinning us, like family. My husband and children will pin me. We also do a lamp lighting ceremony where our faculty nurses are going to light nightingale lamps as a symbolic passing of the torch welcoming us.

Graduation is nice and we’ve all worked really hard to get where we are, but the nurse pinning is more small and intimate, and it’s about us.”