In November, Montana became the 46th state to adopt the new national common core standards in English/Language Arts and Math.  This 30-45 minute overview provides a "big picture" look at the new Montana Common Core Standards. Topics covered include: (1) the development process; (2) an outline of the significant shifts in curriculum expectations and supporting instructional practices the new standards will ask of districts and schools; (3) the potential impact on staff time, professional development, and text and instructional materials adoption; and (4) the new assessments being developed to replace the current CRT tests beginning in 2014.  This presentation can provide a starting point for the conversations and planning process districts and schools will be initiating for their respective curriculum and instructional alignment efforts.  The presentation is adaptable to variety of settings and audiences.

Trainer: Al Mc Milin

Mathematical Practices and Progressions

The Common Core State Standards for Mathematics begin with eight Standards for Mathematical Practice.  These standards describe the ways in which students should engage the content, processes, and proficiencies of longstanding importance in mathematics.  They apply across all of the grades, K-12.

The standards for mathematical content are designed as learning progressions through the grades and define what students should understand and be able to do in mathematics.  For kindergarten through grade 8, there are grade-specific standards.  At the high school level, the standards are organized by “conceptual categories.”  Each of these sets of standards includes a number of “domains,” which group related standards to provide coherence around key mathematical ideas.

Trainers: MRESA3 will be partnering with School District 2 to provide trainings

English Language Arts, Text Complexity and Literacy

The Common Core Standards (CCSS) for English language arts include standards for use in English language arts courses, as well as literacy standards in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects.  The standards for English language arts describe expertise that students will develop in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language.  The standards also describe how students use and strengthen these skills—particularly reading and writing—in other subjects at their grade level.

Trainer: Patsy Phillips

Further Information

For further information please contact John Keener, Montana Regional Education Service Area III Coordinator at (406)-657-1743.